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    “He Just Wants Some Sympathy And We Are Not Giving It To Him”: Internet Slams Kanye West For His Elaborate Instagram Post

    Kanye West is never the one to shy away from sharing his thoughts as we know all too well from the number of controversies he has gotten himself into. The rapper has now taken to Instagram to address several issues together and set the record straight. In a detailed caption to his social media post, Kanye West addressed a lot of recent controversies he has been a part of.

    In the post, Kanye responded to a Taylor Swift fan’s call to promote Beyoncé‘s latest single over his collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign. He also criticized the media for putting forth false narratives about him and his career. However, social media is not exactly taking it in good spirits.

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    Kanye Says He Has “Been Far More Helpful To Taylor Swift’s Career Than Harmful”

    Kanye West and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Kanye West and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Kanye West took to his Instagram with an elaborate post featuring a screenshot of a fan’s plea to Swifties, urging them to boost Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em‘ to the top of the charts instead of supporting Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘Vultures 1′. This came days after West secured a place for No. 1 debut on the Billboard charts.

    He also occupied half of all the spots inside the top 10 on Spotify’s ranking of the most-streamed songs in the U.S. Swifties saw this as a problem as they assumed that Kanye brought her up on his latest Instagram story given their long-standing feud.

    In his post’s lengthy caption, Kanye denied dragging Taylor Swift on his Instagram. “When I said that I’m the new Jesus, I wasn’t even thinking about Taylor Swift. That was a whole line before, but I appreciate the free promo,” Ye wrote, emphasizing a neutral stance.

    Kanye clarified that he supported her after Scooter Braun acquired her catalog. He also asserted that he believes he has “been far more helpful to Taylor Swift’s career than harmful.” He added, “I am not your enemy, ummm, I’m not your friend either, though, LOL,” referring to Taylor Swift’s fans.

    He further noted that both Taylor Swift and Beyoncé “are big inspirations to all musicians“, as he also mentioned that Lil Wayne has “actually mentions Travis Kelsey [sic] on Vultures 2,” which is scheduled to hit in March.

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    “Get A Job”: Internet Slams Kanye For His Alleged Attempt To Gain Sympathy

    Kanye West (Image: Getty)
    Kanye West (Image: Getty)

    Kanye also quashed Brandon Marshall’s “completely fabricated rumor” suggesting that Swift had kicked the rapper out of a suite near her at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on Sunday. Kanye’s representative said that Marshall’s claim was simply “not true“.

    Kanye explained that he and his wife Bianca Censori were walking around the stadium because it was her first time at a Super Bowl. He said they eventually went to Vultures contributor YG’s suite to “see different friends” and eventually “had such a fun day.”

    Social media was quick to react, stating that the rapper is doing it all for sympathy, but they would not give it to him. “He just wants some sympathy and we are not giving it to him. We support Taylor and Beyoncé!” a user wrote.

    Get a job this is literally all you do seems pretty sad tbh,” another netizen said. “Bro js get off your phone it’s getting scary,” a third one noted. Some others asserted that Kanye has some kind of obsession with Taylor Swift so he cannot help mentioning her in everything. “Keep Taylor’s name out of your mouth. Challenge impossible,” a user noted.

    Some other fans suggested that the man is mentally unstable. “He forgot to take his meds today,” another user quipped. Meanwhile, some also defended him, suggesting that the rapper is only trying o set the record straight and not gaining sympathy.

    He doesn’t want sympathy he’s just clearing shit up? Why do you want this internet beef between fanbases to keep going he’s literally saying there’s no beef Swifties been dragging this,” a user wrote. “Girl he said he’s not ur friend either… that doesn’t sound like he needs sympathy to me,” a second user chimed in.

    The rapper has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons recently and that is perhaps what triggered a response from him.

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