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    Taylor Swift’s Song Is Patrick Mahomes’ Shower Jam

    Love Story’ by Taylor Swift seems to be the anthem of the week. It’s not just making the stars jump in a neon-litted club but is also turning the showers into a concert. Now how fun the later turned out is a question for Patrick Mahomes.

    The winning buzz hasn’t worn off and the winners are trying everything to make it last. During a celebratory trip to Disneyland, Super Bowl LVIII MVP Patrick Mahomes shared some lighthearted revelations in a rapid-fire interview.  

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    Patrick Mahomes’ Swiftie Shower Song

    Patrick Mahomes at Disneyland (Image: Getty)
    Patrick Mahomes at Disneyland (Image: Getty)

    During the ESPN interview, Mahomes playfully answered a range of questions. Each giving the fans more intel on his likes. The Super Bowl winner revealed who his preferred halftime performer is, which turned out to be rapper Drake. The quick questions put more internal matters on display but the noteworthy one caught the attention of Swifties. Among the quirky questions, Mahomes was asked what was the last song he sang in the shower. And it was none other than Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story.’ Who can blame him, even we haven’t stopped humming the song since seeing Taylor and Travis dueting the classic in a Las Vegas club.

    Mahomes didn’t let the opportunity of teasing teammate Travis Kelce, as he named him in  the next question, “The last celebrity you met that had you starstruck.” The strong bond these two share has extended to their partners. Taylor has become buddies with Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, and the girls passionately supported the Chiefs throughout this season, even in matching clothes. 

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    Patrick Mahomes Applauds Travis Kelce

    Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes
    Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes

    During the Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night event, Mahomes expressed admiration for Kelce’s ability to handle the increased spotlight on his relationship with Swift while maintaining authenticity. Travis Kelce’s teammate affirmed that despite the overwhelming attention, Kelce remains true to himself. He treats everyone with the same genuine warmth, whether on the field or in the locker room.

    Pop culture met sports and made the ‘Love Story’ of the decade why wouldn’t all the participants sing it along? Mahomes might not be as big of a Swiftie as Swift’s beau just yet, but Travis has definitely made a dent into his buddy’s playlist. 

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