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    Taylor Swift And Brittany Mahomes Have A ‘Really Genuine’ Friendship

    Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes are proving that their friendship is more than just a casual cheering arrangement. According to exclusive sources, the duo has become even closer in recent months, sharing a “really genuine friendship” marked by laughter and mutual support.

    Whether cheering for their men on game night or sharing laughs at star-studded dinners, Swift and Mahomes showcase a friendship that’s scoring big points off the field.

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    Taylor Swift And Brittany Mahomes Share “Similar Sense of Humor”

    Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes
    Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes

    An insider revealed to Us Weekly that Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes share a strikingly similar sense of humor. And that is why the girls do not have a dull moment together. Both women love cheering on their footballer lovers together but their camaraderie extends beyond the field.  

    Contrary to assumptions, the sources close to the girls emphasize that Swift and Mahomes didn’t become friends solely because of Taylor’s romance with Travis Kelce. It is an added benefit now but if circumstances change, Swift believes their friendship will endure. Taylor Swift is a true girl’s girl.

    These two really gave us goals when they coordinated matching Chiefs jersey puffer coats during the AFC Wild Card game against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday, January 13.

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    Brittany Mahomes Fitting Right In With Taylor’s Celeb Circle

    Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes in matching Chiefs Puffer Jackets
    Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes in matching Chiefs Puffer Jackets

    Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’s wife Brittany, quickly became a part of Swift’s star-studded inner circle. Joining the pop star for dinner outings in NYC alongside Sophie Turner, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Cara Delevigne, Brittany has found a place among Swift’s “down-to-earth celebrity friends”.

    Brittany is not the only Chiefs’ wife Taylor is jelling up with other girlfriends as wives as well. Brittany, including Lyndsay Bell and another Chief’s wife, recently enjoyed a dinner with the singer in New York before the game. The pop star has also hosted watch parties for NFL wives and girlfriends. 

    The source said, “Taylor is loving her newfound friendships with the other wives and girlfriends of Travis’ teammates.”

    With plans for more gatherings on the horizon, Swift’s newfound friendships with the Chiefs’ wives and girlfriends seem to be a touchdown. 

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