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    Watch: Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Gets Blocked By Security At Vegas Concert, Brittany Mahomes Shrugs Off And Moves On

    The Super Bowl has put many unexpected faces in the limelight. Though Taylor Swift as the girlfriend of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has been making news for a while, many of the players’ relatives have also made it to the headlines. Apart from Travis Kelce’s mother Donna Kelce and brother Jason Kelce, Patrick Mahomes‘ family members have also got cameras on them.

    Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Mahomes has been widely covered by news outlets across the globe, with the model also making frequent appearances on social media. However, there are some faces that even the attendees at the games fail to recognize despite them being related to the star place. One such thing recently happened with Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson Mahomes, and it’s hilarious.

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    Jackson Mahomes’ Security Issue And Brittany Mahomes’ Reaction To It Goes Viral On Social Media

    Brittany, Patrick and Jackson Mahomes (Image: Getty)
    Brittany, Patrick and Jackson Mahomes (Image: Getty)

    Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of football superstar Patrick Mahomes, found himself at the mercy of security at a VIP section during a Future concert in Las Vegas. Jackson was with his sister-in-law Brittany Mahomes when he was denied entry at the entrance. The incident was captured on a video, and social media can’t keep calm at the reaction Brittny Mahomes gave.

    As Jackson insisted on being Patrick Mahomes’ brother when stopped by the security at the concert, Brittany seemed unfazed as opposed to being concerned and helping him out. With a camera recording the incident, the model and wife of Patrick Mahomes gave two nonchalant shrugs before turning back to the enjoyment of the performance as Jackson struggled with security.

    The video is making rounds on social media with some laughing off Brittany’s reaction, while some others criticizing her for not helping out her brother-in-law. Some netizens also assumed that the model did it for a laugh’s sake, and might have later rescued Jackson.

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    Jackson Mahomes Was Spotted With Travis Kelce’s Ex-girlfriend Kay Nicole

    Patrick and Jackson Mahomes (Image: Getty)
    Patrick and Jackson Mahomes (Image: Getty)

    Jackson recently got into the limelight for being spotted with Kayla Nicole, the ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce, a day before the concert. Known for leveraging his brother’s NFL status, Jackson has built a social media presence as an influencer. However, his journey has been full of controversies, including legal issues involving sexual assault charges dropped in January.

    Despite the VIP section hiccup, Jackson Mahomes appeared undeterred as he later joined the concert stage. Meanwhile, Brittany also seemingly enjoyed the concert as she shared some snaps on her Instagram Story.

    Brittany and Jackson Mahomes are in Vegas for the Super Bowl scheduled for Sunday. Patrick Mahomes would be leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl game in a showdown against the San Francisco 49ers. A Chiefs victory would mark Patrick Mahomes’ third Super Bowl win in six seasons as the team’s starting quarterback.

    Apart from the Super Bowl fever, Brittany was also recently busy with her own modeling career as she recently made her debut in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition earlier that week. Joining her were fellow NFL WAGs Olivia Culpo and Christen Harper, who are engaged to 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey and Lions quarterback Jared Goff, respectively.

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