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    “Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Needs To Get Off Her High Horse”: Fans Slam Brittany Mahomes’ Mean Girl Attitude Toward A Stadium Employee And She Responds

    Brittany Mahomes is in the talk again and not for good reasons. The wife of quarterback Kansas City Chiefs player, Patrick Mahomes is being slammed by fans left and right for misbehaving with stadium staff.

    It is not the first time Brittany has been under scrutiny for her behavior towards hospitality staff. According to a video posted by Jessica O’Connor in November 2023, Brittany failed to tip a single penny to any of the hotel staff during her week-long stay in the 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

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    Brittany Mahomes Labelled “Karen” For Her Behavior

    Brittany Mahomes
    Brittany Mahomes

    After the monumental win of Kansas City Chief on January 28th they proceeded to Super Bowl LVIII. What followed was a carnival sort of excitement for every player of the team. And the dubbed “diva” of the carnival was Brittany not in a positive connotation though. A video posted by CBS on Tik-Tok showed Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes walking under the stadium path, they shared a little kiss and right after that Brittany turned to one of the staff and asked’ “Where do we go from here?” as she twirled her finger. Many viewers have found her action condescending. They are expressing disappointment and frustration towards Brittany Mahomes.

    One viewer remarked, “Mahomes’ wife needs to get off her high horse,” while another added, “Britney Mahomes personality is BRUTAL. The attitude.” A viewer commented, “Brittany Mahomes seems like such a diva” seemingly taking a dig at her. Some users took a more critical stance, labeling Brittany Mahomes as a “Karen” and describing her behavior as “too much”. One sarcastic comment read, “Probably the same way everybody else is walking, Brittany.”

    Few fans have tried defending her saying, “I don’t get the hate. I would ask the same question if I didn’t know”. A second user agreed replying, “I can’t stand Brittany and I have the same question. I’m like, that was it?”

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    Brittany Mahomes’ Reply To The Backlash

    Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes
    Brittany Mahomes is focusing on her family amid the controversy

    Amongst the ongoing controversy, Brittany Mahomes was quick to clap back. She shared an Instagram post which read, “I take rumors as a compliment. The fact that you’re bringing my name onto tables I don’t sit at shows your obsession. Stay bothered.” Accompanying the post there was a selfie video featuring herself, her husband Patrick Mahomes, and their two children enjoying a drive, seemingly unfazed by the negativity surrounding them. The footage suggested that the Mahomes family was choosing to ignore the criticism and focus on their happiness.

    The viral Tik-Tok video which has amassed almost 500k likes also slammed Jackson Mahomes the brother of Patrick Mahomes in the wake of allegations against him which claimed he had assaulted a restaurant owner and waiting staff. Neither Brittany’s statement has indicated any response to comments regarding Jackson nor has he himself posted anything regarding the matter.

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