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    “Height Of Douchebaggery”: ‘Succession’ Creator’s Dig At King Charles Enrages Twitter

    The Emmy Awards 2022 was held recently on September 10 and they celebrated the best of television works. The whole entertainment industry was eagerly awaiting to celebrate and take home the fruits of their hard work. The celebrities gathered were surprised at a comment made by the creator of the show ‘Succession’.

    Among the top honors of the evening, ‘Succession’ had the highest nominations this year. At the Emmy Awards, ‘Succession’ creator Jesse Armstrong took a surprising dig at Britain’s new monarch, King Charles III. After his speech, Twitter exploded with tweets supporting and opposing Armstrong’s comment.

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    How Did Armstrong Roast King Charles III ?

    ‘Succession’ cast at Emmy

    ‘Succession’ won a writing award and the Best Drama Series at Emmy Awards 2022. While accepting the honor, the creator of the show Jesse Armstrong surprised the audiences and the show’s cast members by roasting King Charles III in his speech.

    The creator first hinted at King Charles by stating “big for successions in the UK”, following the ascension of Charles as King after the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. He further said, “Evidently, a bit more voting involved in our winning than Prince Charles. I’m not saying we’re more legitimate than that position we’ll leave that to other people. We are incredibly grateful to have this wonderful honor.” Actor Brian Cox then added, “Keep it royalist, keep it royalist.”

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    How Is Twitter Reacting To This Comment By Armstrong?

    ‘Succession’ cast at Emmy

    Obviously, Twitter is divided into groups supporting the monarchy and the ones who oppose it. Michael Russnow tweeted: “That the Emmy’s ignored the Queen’s death was disgraceful considering she’s been honoured, even at sports venues, worldwide. But the sleazy, snotty joke by Succession Producer Jesse Armstrong, that his show got more votes than Charles (to become King) was obscene. Censure him!”

    Kristen took to the internet and wrote, “Wow- that comment the Succession producer just made about Prince Charles was the height of douchebaggery.” Another user, Kathleen Bergeron added: “Sometimes when you’re given an award, the best thing to say is simply thank you.”

    There were also a lot of tweets supporting the creator. A user tweeted, “Brian Cox and Succession creator Jesse Armstrong and using their 45 second platform at the Emmys to s*** on the monarchy. KINGS.” Whilst another applauded the creator, “Fair play to him, even in jest he’s speaking for many silenced people in the UK who would prefer a democratically elected Head of State, one who pays the same taxes as the rest of us.”

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