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    What Will Be The New Address Of King Charles After Ascending The British Throne?

    King Charles automatically became the King when the Queen died peacefully at Balmoral on Thursday, September 8. His Majesty is 73 years old and will be formally proclaimed monarch at a historic Accession Council meeting at St James’ Palace on September 10, 2022.

    Many are speculating where King Charles will live now that he’s Britain’s reigning monarch. His living arrangements have not been confirmed yet. Though, it is already established that he will take over Buckingham Palace from his late mother. Whether he will take over the palace or continue living in his current residence is not yet decided.

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    Will King Charles Take Over The Buckingham Palace?

    King Charles III

    Many have already started speculating about the new residence of King Charles after his mother Queen Elizabeth II’s death just yesterday night, 08 September 2022. Some Royal reporters claimed that he would opt to stay at his current residence Clarence House rather than move to Buckingham Palace. However, there is no official statement regarding His Majesty’s residence.

    A source who is also King’s friend said, “Despite what everybody thinks about him not wanting to live there, he will certainly have accommodation there – but it will be a much more modest flat-above-the-shop situation akin to that of the Prime Minister at Downing Street.”

    He also added, “Both the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall are very practical and see that the reigning Monarch must live at Buckingham Palace, otherwise it would become like Hampton Court’ – a visitor attraction rather than a working royal palace.”

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    Who Will Occupy Clarence House?

    King Charles III

    It was reported that the Monarch’s massive living quarters -which include 52 Royal and guest bedrooms and 188 staff bedrooms- will be downsized. If King Charles moves to Buckingham Palace, then Clarence House will likely be saved for use by Prince George, Princess Charlotte, or Prince Louis.

    A royal insider revealed that none of the older royals are very much thrilled to move to Clarence House. “No one is terribly fond of Clarence House because it’s still seen very much as the Queen Mother’s place.” With that point in consideration, King Charles’ current residence might be given to William and Kate’s children.

    It has not yet been confirmed when or where Charles would make the move. Reports of the new King’s busy schedule including an audience with the Prime Minister and an address to the nation are only slowing the announcement of the King’s new residence.

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