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    Which Royals Met Queen Elizabeth II Before Her Death?

    Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday marking the end of the second Elizabethan age. She was the monarch of the United Kingdom and the sovereign of 14 other states along with being the head of the Commonwealth. She saw it all; from the world war to a global pandemic while remaining an imminent global figure through it all. 

    The Queen was the head of not just the nation but also her large family which consisted of her four children, her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and of course her beloved corgis. Her death has shaken the world but the loss of this powerful figurehead will be most strongly felt by her family. Fortunately, the royals gathered at Balmoral castle to be with the monarch in her last moment. 

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    The Final Appearance Of Queen Elizabeth II 

    Queen Elizabeth II with Prime Minister Liz Truss

    The Queen officially named a new prime minister on Tuesday before passing away peacefully at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. For the meeting, the new premier Liz Truss traveled to Scotland’s Balmoral Castle, where the Queen usually spends her summers. This marked the first time the Queen appointed a prime minister in Scotland. Before her passing, The Queen, who had been having intermittent mobility problems, was seen shaking hands with Truss while holding a cane and her go-to black handbag. On Tuesday, the monarch bid the departing prime minister, Boris Johnson, an official farewell in Scotland. 

    According to an earlier statement from a source, the decision to hold the audiences at Balmoral was taken to give Johnson and the next prime minister more control over their schedules. They intended to avoid having to make last-minute alternate preparations because of the Queen’s mobility concerns if she was supposed to go to London or Windsor Castle. One of the Queen’s most important responsibilities was selecting the prime minister, which she did not leave to her heir, Prince Charles. In the months leading up to her passing, Charles assumed an increasing amount of responsibilities on her behalf. 

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    Royals Gathered To See Queen Elizabeth II In Her Last Moments 

    Queen Elizabeth II with the royal family

    The queen’s eldest son, Prince Charles (now King Charles III), and his wife Camilla, who is now the Queen Consort, were able to see Her Highness before she passed away, a source close to the royal family said to ET. Princess Anne, Elizabeth’s daughter, was also able to see her. 

    But regrettably, other royal family members arrived in Scotland too late. Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, as well as Prince William, the queen’s grandson, all arrived following her passing. Prince Harry showed up after Her Majesty’s passing was reported. Meghan Markle, Harry’s wife, was not invited to travel to Scotland with the royal family. To be present for the couple’s three children on their first day of school at Lambrook School, Kate Middleton, William’s wife, also stayed behind.

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