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    “His Name Is A Little Bit Complicated”: Cardi B Apologizes For Calling Her Met Gala Dress Designer “Asian And All” Amid Backlash

    Cardi B set the red carpet on fire with her Met Gala look this year. However, being prone to controversies, the singer made some eyebrows raise as she made a subtly racist remark while talking about her ensemble for the event.

    A controversy erupted after she referred to the designer of her stunning 2024 Met Gala dress as an “Asian“, seemingly having forgotten their name. However, after much backlash, Cardi B has taken to Instagram to clarify the reason behind her seemingly racist statement. Here’s the whole story about what happened.

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    Cardi B Calls Her Met Gala Dress Designer “Asian And All” On The Red Carpet

    Cardi B at Met Gala 2024
    Cardi B at Met Gala 2024

    Cardi B left the Met Gala audience stunned as she walked the red carpet in the largest dress in the history of the event, traditionally held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

    Her voluminous black dress surrounded her on the carpet, paired with a matching beehive-style headpiece. To accessorize, the diva had the most luscious green jewels matching the greenery of the carpet’s backdrop.

    However, while talking about her ensemble during an interview on the red carpet, she failed to recall the name of her designer, drawing criticism from many. When asked by Emma Chamberlain for Vogue about the creator of the look, Cardi B hesitated and forgot his name in the moment. “They’re Asian and everything,” she said.

    The response drew widespread criticism, including from Vogue’s former managing director Gilbert Cheah, who prompted Cardi B to repair her mistake.

    For the record and recognition, and no thanks to Cardi B, the designer of her gown is Sensen Lii who’s Chinese. The gown took two months to make. I personally think it’s boring and not even on theme but she chose it and should have at least remembered his name and not just that he’s ‘Asian,'” Cheah wrote in the comments section of an Instagram reel about Cardi B’s remark.

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    Cardi B Says She Forgot The Pronunciation Of Her Designer’s Name

    Cardi B at Met Gala 2024
    Cardi B at Met Gala 2024

    After some significant backlash, the rapper took to social media to issue apologies for her ignorance. She clarified her remarks, explaining that she was under pressure and nervous on the red carpet.

    “First and first, when I was on the red carpet, I was very scared,” the Grammy-winning singer explained in an expired Instagram post shared by TMZ. She confessed to feeling overwhelmed and rushed on the red carpet, while clarifying that she didn’t intend to be offensive.

    Cardi B said she “forgot to pronounce the designer’s name because his name is a little bit complicated,” but only remembered his ethnicity. “I was like, ‘Damn.’ How do I pronounce his name? My mind was just racing,” she said.

    To reiterate her appreciation for Sensen Lii’s work, Cardi B shared a video of herself in the dress on social media platforms, thanking him for making the Met Gala a memorable event.

    I have to give another thank you to Windowsen by Sensen Lii!!! I chose you because of your amazing talent and you came through really making this Met Gala a night to remember,” she wrote in the caption of the post. Designer Sensen Lii also shared the video on his Instagram account later.

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