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    How Did Danny Masterson’s Rape Trial End?

    The rape case involving Danny Masterson is one of the high-profile cases that came out during the #Metoo movement. The ‘That 70s Show’ actor had been accused and charged with rape by three different women. three other times in 2020. The assault had occurred by force or due to fear during the years from 2001 to 2003.

    Danny Masterson had pleaded guilty over the years and pushed away all claims made against him. It was in May 2021 that the preliminary hearing happened. The involvement of the Church of Scientology also gives a bit of controversy to the already infamous case. Here’s what happened at the recent trial that took place.

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    “Hopelessly Deadlocked” Jury

    Danny Masterson
    Danny Masterson

    On 30 November, a Los Angeles judge declared a mistrial after the jury was “hopelessly deadlocked“. The jury favored acquittal on each of the charges: ten to two, eight to four, and seven to five. The Los Angeles Superior Court judge Charlaine Olmedo read out the letter that said, “After thorough and considerable discussion, it is clear that we as jurors are adamant about maintaining our individual positions on each of the three counts.

    As the hearing came to an impasse, now a status conference has been scheduled for Jan 10. A new trial has been set tentatively for March 27. “This was a jury that went through each bit of testimony and had some heartfelt and significant discussions about credibility. It speaks volumes,” says Philip K. Cohen, Masterson’s attorney about the impasse experienced by the jury. The accused actor is yet to comment.

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    Involvement Of The Church Of Scientology

    Danny Masterson

    The three Jane Doe accusers had been former Scientologists. However, the church was of no support to them. Instead, the victims faced threats of ex-communication if they went to the law. The Church asked the trio to leave the case to them and to have the church address it. Danny Masterson was a much superior member of the Church. Thus they have been trying hard to bury the rape accusations deep down. The actor still sticks to the claim that the victims had given him their consent before doing anything.

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