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    How Did Fred The Elephant Boy Die? What Was The Cause Of His Death

    The looming silhouette of death awaits us in the shadows, getting us when we expect the least. People we love are taken away from us, and there’s nothing we do. The latest in the cycle of celebrity deaths is ‘The Howard Stern Show‘ fame Fred Schreiber, also known by his stage name Fred The Elephant Boy.

    Fred Schreiber, aged 64, passed away on January 2, 2023. Although he is long gone, his legacy lived through his time at ‘The Howard Stern Show‘ as part of the famous Wack Pack. During his time with the show, he also formed a dear friendship with Howard Stern and won a huge fan following. Here’s the cause of his death.

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    How Fred The Elephant Boy Died?

    Fred Schreiber aka Fred The Elephant

    Fred Schreiber came into the limelight with many appearances on ‘The Howard Stern Show.’ He earned the name as he shared vocal similarities to the titular character of David Lynch’s ‘The Elephant Man.’ Soon, he became a card-carrying member of Howard Stern’s famous Wack Pack. Along with Gary the Conqueror (Gary Loudermilk, previously known as Gary the Retard), High Pitch Erik (Erik Bleaman) High Register Sean (named in 2019), Jeff the Drunk (Jeff Curro, also known as Jeff the Bore) and Fred himself, it was quite a carnival.

    The world came to know of Fred’s death from Gary Dell’Abate, the show’s producer and “Bababooey’s” Instagram post. Sources at Healthline reported the cause of Fred’s death, believed to be caused by complicated blood clots. It’s still unclear how long he’s been sick or when the sickness touched him.

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    How Howard Stern Paid Tribute To Fred

    Howard Stern

    Fred’s death shocked his fans, as sympathies and support continued to pour in. Howard Stern, the eccentric radio show host, remembers his longtime friend, recalling him with fondness, “Elephant Boy was a good dude,” Howard recalled. “He was a good-hearted guy and whenever we asked him to do something he was so thrilled to be a part of the radio show.”

    When Howard received his nomination for the Governor of New York at the Libertarian party convention, he sent Fred to receive it. For Stern, it made sense, as he said, “I knew Fred was the perfect person. He was quite the speech master and he got really f***ing excited sometimes… I mean you couldn’t ask for a better hype man.”

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