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    Howard Stern Criticizes Hollywood For Their Stance On Will Smith And Dave Chappelle’s Attack

    The Will Smith-Chris Rock row is not leaving the tinsel town any time soon. During the 94th Academy Awards Ceremony, Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock when he came to present an award. During Rock’s monologue, he made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith for her Alopecia condition. In reaction to this, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

    In another incident, the comedian Dave Chappelle was also assaulted during his set at Netflix Is A Joke. Fortunately, no harm was caused. The famous radio personality, Howard Stern has taken a stance on the incident during his radio show, The Howard Stern Show.

    Howard Stern Called Out Hollywood’s Hypocrisy

    Howard Stern and Dave Chappelle
    Howard Stern and Dave Chappelle

    On Tuesday night, Dave Chappelle was performing his stand-up gig at Netflix Is A Joke in Los Angeles. An aggressor named Isaiah Lee, 23 attacked Dave Chappelle on stage during the show. In reaction to this, Stern referred to the Will Smith-Chris Rock slap row to expose the double standard of the industry during his Radio Show on Wednesday.

    He said, “This guy [Isaiah Lee] jumped up on stage and attacked Dave Chappelle. As soon as that happened, did they let him go back to his seat and laugh and sit next to his wife and then give them an award? No! They took him backstage, they broke his arms and hands so bad.”

    The security personnel took the assaulter backstage and beat him up. Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock were present at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. They consoled Dave Chappelle. Stern added, “They f***ing beat the sh** out of him.” Howard was furious over how differently Hollywood treated the King Richard actor than the attacker during Chappelle’s show. 

    He expressed, “Unlike the Academy Awards, Jamie Foxx came running out on stage and helped Dave Chappelle. At the Academy Awards, everyone came over and consoled Will Smith — because it was live television and Hollywood didn’t know what to do about Will Smith.”

    During the 94th Academy Awards, Chris Rock came to the stage to present the Best Documentary award. During the presentation, in his monologue, he took a jibe at Jada Smith by mocking her bald head.

    He said, “Jada, I love you, G.I.Jane 2, can’t wait to see it.” This infuriated Will Smith, who went up on the stage and slapped Chris Rock leaving the entire Dolby Theater stunned. 

    Smith settled down and blurted, “Leave my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth.” The same evening, he received an Academy Award for his performance in the titular role in King Richard and received a standing ovation.

    During the commercial break, a video went viral where Denzel Washington was consoling Will Smith. He told him, “It is your highest moment. Be careful that’s when the devils come for you.”

    Stern Hopes Members Of Fraternity Present During The Altercation Should Be Ashamed

    Howard Stern addressed the Will Smith and Chris Rock altercation during Academy Awards
    Howard Stern addressed the Will Smith and Chris Rock altercation during the Academy Awards

    The radio personality opined that people should have treated Will Smith the same as Dave’s attacker. Howard replayed the events that unfolded post the Academy skirmish. “The audience at the Oscars gave Will Smith a standing ovation after the attack, that’s the truth. It’s on film, it’s not fake news.”

    He continued, “They didn’t break Will’s hands, they shook them and it’s wrong. Some people in the audience at the Academy Awards still should be very ashamed of themselves. I hope they are.” Will Smith did face the repercussions of his reaction during the Academy Awards.

    The Academy of Sciences and Motion Pictures snubbed Will Smith for 10 years. Smith reportedly may have lost some projects. The development of Fast & Loose, a Netflix venture, is stopped. The Bad Boys 4’s development has been paused.

    Netflix has also canceled the sequel of Bright. On the other hand, Isaiah Lee was arrested and charged with felony assault and carrying out it with a deadly weapon. According to the Los Angeles Police, Lee had a fake gun with a knife blade in it. Dave Chappelle did not suffer any injury.

    Dave’s representative informed, “Dave Chappelle celebrated four nights of comedy and music, setting record-breaking sales for a comedian at the Hollywood Bowl. He refuses to allow last night’s incident to overshadow the magic of this historic moment. As unfortunate and unsettling as the incident was, Chappelle went on with the show.”

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