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    How ‘Star Trek’ Legend Nichelle Nichols Will Go To Space One Last Time

    Nichelle Nichols is one of the most celebrated black women who flourished in the film industry for her acting skills. Her prominent role was as Nyota Uhura in Gene Roddenberry’s original 1966 ‘Star Trek‘ series. She died in late July 2022 at the age of 89. Her groundbreaking portrayal of a black female authority in a major TV role back in 1966 is worth every praise to date.

    Just two years after Civil Rights Act was passed, she played a black female in an ‘authoritative character’. Consequentially, this credential role also welcomed a lot of racist comments and setbacks. Owing to the insensitive work environment she experienced because of her network executives, she considered leaving the ‘Star Trek‘ franchise. Her consideration was challenged by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He encouraged her to continue her role as Uhura on the USS Enterprise to set a path for other black women to realize their dreams.

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    Godspeed Actress Going To Space One Last Time

    Nichelle Nichols

    The blazing Lieutenant Uhura of the original ‘Star Trek‘, is now going into space for the first and last time. The late Nichelle Nichols, who did not have a chance to go to space when she was alive is now being fulfilled her wish. Her remains will be sent to outer space along with a few other ‘Star Trek‘ names – James “Scotty” Doohan and both Gene and Majel Roddenberry. 

    Nichols, by using her popularity, has promoted people of color to join space research in NASA and other technological enterprises. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Celetis Inc., a private space flight company that works with NASA, will send a United Launch Alliance Vulcan Centaur rocket as part of its upcoming Enterprise flight. The space rocket is scheduled to launch sometime this year. It was shared that the rocket will include some of the late actress’s ashes.

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    The Final Mission Of The Actress


    The flight that is scheduled to go to outer space this year will begin in Cape Canaveral, Florida, and go into interplanetary deep space. Universe Today noted that the ‘Enterprise‘ memorial mission is being organized by a Houston-based private company called Celestis. They also added that the company has been making arrangements to fly its customers’ cremated remains to outer space for a quarter century.

    The company claimed that the rocket will become “the most distant permanent human repository outpost, as well as pathfinder for human exploration into outer space.” This mission is not the first time for the ‘Star Trek‘ family. Some of the franchise’s members’ ashes have been sent to space already. Gene’s ashes have been sent on a number of Celestis missions, including one in 2014.

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