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    “I Also Inherited The Narcissism From My Father”: Miley Cyrus Opens Up About The Good, Bad And Ugly Sides Of Her Relationship With Her Parents

    Amidst the Cyrus family rift, Miley Cyrus is now reflecting on her relationship with her parents, Tish Cyrus and Billy Cyrus as the latter separates from his second wife Firerose over “inappropriate marital conduct”.

    Miley, who has had a strained relationship with Billy ever since he separated from Tish, has kept her relationship intact with Tish Cyrus while her relationship with Billy turned sour. Nevertheless, here’s how Miley Cyrus feels about her parents and how her dad’s ‘estrangement’ affected her.

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    Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Parents

    Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and Tish Cyrus
    Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and Tish Cyrus

    All the family rifts has not changed the Cyrus’ love for each other as Miley Cyrus talked positively about father Billy Ray Cyrus and the one thing she learned from him.

    “He has a relationship and a foot on the ground to the real and nature, and he always did, even when he was super famous. I’m grateful for being able to watch him ahead of me. He’s almost given me this map. And there’s a map of what to do and what not to do, and he’s guided me on both.” She then added, “Without my dad, I know — I mean, not just literally I wouldn’t be sitting in this chair, I wouldn’t exist — but I would not, who I am as a person, it wouldn’t exist. Because my dad, as a creative and as an artist in the way that his brain works, has always made me feel safer in my own mind because we’re very similar in our ideas. So I think a lot of his perspective on reality and on life, I’ve inherited from him, more so than the way that I was raised — which, really, my mom raised me.”

    When asked if she inherited anything else from Billy, Miley said, “I also inherited the narcissism from my father.” As for mom Tish, the ‘Flowers‘ hitmaker only has six words to describe her and it’s enough to signify her influence on Miley’s career as she says,  “Honestly, my mom is my hero.”

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    What Is The Cyrus Family Rift?

    The Cyrus Family
    The Cyrus Family

    The divorce of Billy and Tish Cyrus in 2022 caused a breach in the family snd has been a reason of conflict. Billy’s marriage to Firerose in 2023—a woman several years his junior—seems to have caused more stress on the family members and particularly on his relationship with Miley, who hasn’t spoken to Billy at all and noticeably excluded him from her announcement and speech at the Grammys. Recently, however, Billy commented on the ‘estrangement‘ and said, “there’s no estrangement. It’s just the way things played out.”

    As of now, Billy has filed for a divorce against Firerose for “inappropriate marital conduct” and also claimed that the wedding happened “based on fraud by the wife,” adding that “he would not have entered into the bonds of matrimony”

    Even worse, Miley’s sister Noah liked her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram photos, sparking a social media frenzy to which she responded in a more relaxed manner, leading to more headlines.

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