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    “I Don’t Give A F*ck”: Tom Holland Defends His Umbrella ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performance As He Points Out His Non-Toxic-Masculine Upbringing

    Tom Holland is busy promoting his recently released Apple TV+ series, ‘The Crowded Room’. The actor has announced that he will be taking a year-long hiatus after this as the series was mentally exhausting. Tom Holland recently sat down with THR for an interview, and he spilled some interesting details about his life.

    Recently, fans were called upon in a viral tweet to reveal their preferred Holland performance, and the undisputed champion—surpassing even his Spider-Man films—turned out to be his captivating appearance on ‘Lip Sync Battle,’ which took place on May 7, 2017.

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    Tom Holland’s 2017 ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Performance

    Tom Holland in Lip Sync Battle
    Tom Holland in Lip Sync Battle

    While ‘Lip Sync Battle’ was once a sensation, the Paramount Network show has since faded into obscurity. It showcased prominent stars engaging in thrilling face-offs through meticulously staged performances set to popular tunes.

    In this particular showdown, Tom Holland found himself pitted against the formidable Zendaya. He commenced his routine in a sleek black suit and a stylish fedora, flawlessly channeling the iconic Gene Kelly and his timeless rendition of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’.

    However, an extraordinary turn of events transpired that left spectators astounded. The resounding drum loop of Rihanna‘s ‘Umbrella’ began pulsating, heralding a remarkable transformation. As Holland took the stage, he stunned the audience with his striking attire—a mesmerizing combination of a black bustier, vinyl hot pants, alluring diamond-pattern fishnets, and a chic black bob wig.

    What ensued was an extraordinary two-minute dance routine, pushing the boundaries of difficulty. With tantalizing allure, Holland executed seductive thrusts over a sleek black umbrella, captivating the onlookers. The climax of the performance came with a breathtaking acrobatic forward flip, seamlessly transitioning into a graceful descent into a puddle of water.

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    Holland Is Proud Of His Performance On ‘Lip Sync Battle’

    Tom Holland
    Tom Holland

    Talking to The Hollywood Reporter about the performance, Holland said, “I’m proud of it. I like that it left a lasting impact. It was an amazing time. My life was changing before my eyes. Spider-Man was coming out. I was on the up. I was getting offers and turning them down for the first time, which was really crazy. I was meeting producers and directors and going to L.A. by myself. I was finally at that stage where I could say, ‘Can I bring my friends?’ And they’d say, ‘Yeah.’”

    Further expanding on the topic, THR spokesperson asked Holland who put together the sassy costume, to which Holland replied, “Probably the costume designer. I don’t give a fuck. I’ve grown up in the most non-toxic-masculine environment possible. I didn’t realize what I was doing was so forward-thinking. I was just like, ‘Yeah, fuck it, I’ll put some fishnets on and dance in the rain. That’ll be really fun. I don’t care.’ But you’d never catch me doing that now. Just because I don’t want to do a fucking TV show that I don’t need to do. I’d rather go and play golf and live my little private life.”

    “It is an interesting one. Because I’ve really worked hard in my career and I’ve really been calculated in deciding what it is I do and when I do it. And for all the movies that I’m incredibly proud of, the Lip Sync Battle is what I get the most compliments for,” Holland concluded.

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