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    “I Was A Really Stressed Out Woman”: Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Her “Somatic” Stress And Alcoholism As A Young Actress

    Anne Hathaway isn’t the one to shy away from being her authentic self. However, it wasn’t always the case. The actress has evolved tremendously over time as she climbed the ladder to success after having her own fair share of struggles as an artist.

    In a recent interview, Hathaway opened up about the discomfort she experienced while auditioning during the 2000s when it was normal to ask actresses to make out with potential co-stars to check the chemistry between the two. In another revelation, Hathaway has opened up about the highly stressful time of her life as an actress, and how she gradually learned the importance of relaxation as she grew older.

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    Anne Hathaway Recounts When She Told Herself “You’re Not Gonna Die Stressed”

    Anne Hathaway
    Anne Hathaway

    In a recent conversation with David Marchese on The New York Times podcast The Interview, Anne Hathaway spoke candidly about her past roles and the stress she went through while she was at the peak of her career. Speaking about her tendency to get stressed about everything, both on and off-screen, the 41-year-old actress compared it with her typical role of a “chronically stressed out young women” in her earlier projects.

    The ‘Devil Wears Prada‘ revealed that her on-screen persona was no different than her own struggles as a young woman. “I was a really stressed out young woman,” she confessed, adding, “And as a formerly chronically stressed young woman, which leads to, you know, all manner of things, I just remember thinking one day, ‘You are taking this for granted, you are taking your life for granted.”

    Further speaking about her career success at the time, Hathaway said it took her quite a while to realize the fragility of existence and the importance of not succumbing to stress. “I was just very, very, very in my head, about a lot of things. I guess maybe that’s the easiest way to put it,” she clarified.

    Speaking about the physical repercussions of the “somatic” stress on her body, Hathaway described how at one point “literally everything” around her as a young Hollywood actress would stress her out until she finally decided to stop that from happening. Her struggle with stress went on for quite a while until she finally told herself, “You are not gonna die stressed.”

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    Anne Hathaway Has Been 5 Years Sober After Struggling With Alcoholism

    Anne Hathaway
    Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway also discussed her alcoholism problem that stemmed from her stress and how she went about on her journey to sobriety. The actress said she used alcohol as a coping mechanism for her stress in the past.

    In a recent Vanity Fair interview, she admitted that she is five years sober after struggling with alcohol problem for quite a while. “My personal experience with it is that everything is better. For me, it was wallowing fuel. And I don’t like to wallow,” she said, speaking about her relationship with alcohol.

    However, Hathaway has now managed to transform into a more relaxed person, which she said was achieved by “learning to settle into her life positively” and her ability to surrender. While Hathaway didn’t give away any specific details of her journey, she asserted that she realized that being hard on herself was not going to help her personal growth.

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