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    “I Was Racked By The Usual Insecurities”: Sam Neill Recalls His ‘Jurassic Park’ Acting Experience

    In his recently released memoir ‘Did I Ever Tell You This?‘, Sam Neill looks back at his life as an actor. The memoir is filled with fascinating insights about his battle with cancer. He also discusses his friendships with Hugh Grant and the late Robin Williams. He’s also got work stories from the sets of ‘Jurassic Park.’

    Sam Neill, who worked on Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jurassic Park‘ revealed the difficult time he had filming the movie. The actor had a hard time seeing himself as an action hero. He sadly remembers feeling upstaged by the CGI dinosaurs who were the real stars of the film. We urge you to keep reading to learn about his experience filming the iconic Steven Speilberg film.

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    Sam Neill Faced Imposter Syndrome On The Set Of ‘Jurassic Park’

    Jurassic Park‘ aggravated Sam Neill’s insecurities to an all-time high

    Sam Neil played paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant in Steven Spielberg’sJurassic Park.’ In his memoir, he talks about feeling “slightly irked” by the film’s marketing campaign. The New Zealand actor always saw himself as an ‘ordinary guy’ on screen. Playing an action hero in ‘Jurassic Park‘ aggravated his Imposter Syndrome to an all-time high.

    Sam Neil was “ransacked by the usual insecurities” while working on ‘Jurassic Park.’ “Why me? I’m certainly not an action hero. The idea of me going hand to hand with Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger is simply absurd,” he said. He also felt insecure about the fact that CGI dinosaurs were the movie’s real stars instead of the actors in the film.

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    Sam Neill Recalls Almost Dying On ‘Jurassic Park’ Set

    Sam Neill almost died while filming 'Jurassic Park'
    Sam Neill almost died while filming ‘Jurassic Park.

    It wasn’t only insecurities but also disastrous weather that ruined the filming experience. Sam Neill recalls the moment Hurricane Inki hit the cast and crew. While filming at the Hawaiian archipelago, there was fear that they might die due to the intensity of the natural disaster.

    Sam Neill recalls “One morning we were told to stay back at the hotel and expect a hurricane later in the day. I was down on the beach with Laura Dern, who asked me: ‘Sam, do you think we might die today?’ As these massive black clouds approached over the Pacific I found I had to tell her that in all honesty the answer was, ‘Yes, I thought we might.

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