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    “I Was Starting To Become Very Expensive For The Network”: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane On Being “Let Go” From The Show In His “Struggling” Days

    ABC’s medical drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ has never failed to disappoint, and neither has ‘McSteamy’. The hot and happening doctor of the show unfortunately met with a bad ending. Eric Dane, who played Mark Sloan in the series, was removed from the show after 6 seasons.

    Dane’s character’s death marked his exit from the show after 6 seasons. His storyline was majorly focused on his love story with Lexie Grey. However, both of them sustained great injuries in an aviation accident which later lead to their death. In a recent interview with the Armchair Expert podcast, he recalled his time on the set of the show.

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    Eric Dane Recalls His Time On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ And Reasons He Was Let Go 

    Eric Dane as Mark
    Eric Dane as Mark

    Eric Dane was talking to Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast when he reminisced his time as part of ‘the show ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘. “I didn’t leave so much as I think I was let go,” Dane admitted. At this time, he was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. “I was struggling. They didn’t let me go because of that, although it definitely didn’t help,” Dane said. 

    Eric Dane also feels there were financial reasons behind his exit. “I was starting to become — as most of these actors who have spent significant time on the show — very expensive for the network,” Dane continued.

    The network knows that the show is going to do what it’s going to do irrespective of who they keep on it—as long as they have their Grey they were fine,” he added.  

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    Eric Dane Says He Wasn’t The Same When He Was Hired

    Mark and Lexie
    Mark and Lexie

    Eric Dane joined the cast of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in season 2 as Derek Shepherd’s best friend. The The ‘Marley and Me’ star stayed on the show for six seasons. Eric Dane feels that this changed his life and he wasn’t the same guy he was at the time of hiring him. “I wasn’t the same guy they had hired, so I had understood when I was let go and [show creator] Shonda [Rhimes] was really great,” Dane said. 

    Showrunner Shonda Rhimes had said that they had ended the story line for McSteamy after deliberate conversation. “After much consideration and conversations, he and I have decided that this is the right time for his storyline to end,” Shonda Rhimes said at that time.

    We’re a big family here at Grey‘s with a long history together and Eric will always remain an important part of our family,” Rhimes said. 

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