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    “I Was Very Happy Not To Be In The Family”: ‘Shakespeare In Love’ Actor Joseph Fiennes Recalls Not Responding To Harvey Weinstein’s Bullying Tactics And Walking Away With Head Held High

    For years, Harvey Weinstein reigned supreme in Hollywood as the top producer. But behind the Oscars and million-dollar deals, he was a monster who ruined lives and meddled with careers. Now ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ actor Joseph Fiennes is sharing his encounter with a now-convicted s*x offender.

    Fresh off the success of Oscar-nominated movies ‘Shakespeare in Love‘ and ‘Elizabeth,’ the British actor was called for a meeting with Harvey Weinstein. Fiennes was offered a five-movie contract, but it was made clear by Weinstein that it would be he who would be in charge all the time. He also threatened to make life difficult for Fiennes if he refused. The British actor decided not to be cornered and left the meeting with his dignity intact.

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    Joseph Fiennes Didn’t Let Harvey Weinstein Strongarm Him

    A still from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ featuring Joseph Fiennes

    Joseph Fiennes is sharing the story of him standing up to Harvey Weinstein. The ‘Shakespeare In Love’ actor told The Guardian about the ill-fated meeting between him and the now disgraced Hollywood magnate. He was clear about how things won’t go well for Fiennes if he refuses to sign Weinstein’s five-movie deal. 

    Joseph Fiennes didn’t adhere to Weinstein’s bullying tactics. As a result, his career didn’t take off as well as he would have liked. Fiennes told the newspaper, “It was a bullying tactic that didn’t sit well. The way he explained it was a shock to me. But I suddenly sat in the room very present, and happy and strong in myself to say, you know what, I’m not beholden to that. I’m stepping away.”

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    Harvey Weinstein To Serve Two Separate Prison Sentences

    Harvey Weinstein to serve different prison sentences on account of his sexual crimes against women

    Joseph Fiennes reignited his acting career with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ He played Commander Fred Waterford, a high-ranking government official and one of the founding members of Gilead. He stars as Adrian Lovely in the Jennifer Lopez-starrer ‘The Mother.’ He will also be seen in the Terrance Mallick movie, ‘The Way Of The Wind,’ about the life of Jesus Christ. 

    Things didn’t turn out so well for Harvey Weinstein. More than 80 women accused Weinstein of sexual harassment or rape. He was sentenced to prison for 23 years in New York. Harvey Weinstein is to also serve 16 years separately in the state of California. His name was also added to the s*x offender registry. 

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