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    “I Would Kiss Your Feet Like Crazy For Hours”: Ricky Martin Gets Candid About His Foot Fetish

    Ricky Martin is not just a singing sensation with a charming flair, but also a man highly looked up to by the LGBTQI community across the globe. The Puerto Rican star came out as gay in 2010 while he was a fairly popular figure in the global music arena. His life as a star has seen some undesirable twists as he navigated his sexual identity.

    Recently, the ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca‘ sensation announced his divorce from husband Jwan Yosef last year. As he still seemingly has some personal issues to deal with, the star did not shy away from opening about his foot fetish. In a recent interview, Martin got candid about how much he loves and appreciates feet.

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    “I Love Feet. I Have A Foot Thing”: Ricky Martin Opens Up About His Foot Fetish

    Ricky Martin (Image: Getty)
    Ricky Martin (Image: Getty)

    Ricky Martin opened up in a recent interview about his personal preferences, revealing a surprising affection for feet. Martin boldly shared his appreciation for foot-related pleasures during a recent interview GQ.

    I love feet. I have a foot thing. I love foot massages, and I would kiss your feet like crazy for hours. But we all have something. Some have a fetish [for] armpits,” he told GQ. The Puerto Rican star  is known for his shirtless and often revealing posts on social media. He has even occasionally spotlighted his feet in specific posts, garnering attention and admiration from fans.

    In a January 2023 post, Martin zoomed in on his feet during a “pedicure time” session, leading to a flood of comments praising his “pretty” feet. When asked if he deliberately shares photos of his feet for his fans, he said, “Let me like this comment that said: ‘I like your feet’. I have fans who can draw my feet like a piece of art. They write to me: ‘Ricky, I can recognize your feet a mile away.’”

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    Journalist Barbara Walters Interview Had Invasive Questions About Ricky Martin’s Sexuality

    Ricky Martin (Credit: Getty)
    Ricky Martin (Credit: Getty)

    Apart from being a popular musician, Ricky Martin is also a gay icon in the industry who got married to his husband Jwan Yosef after he publicly came out as gay in 2010. During the interview with GQ, Martin delved into the challenges he experienced while coming out publicly as gay in 2010.

    He recalled an uncomfortable 2000 interview with journalist Barbara Walters, where he said he felt pressured to discuss his sexuality. Martin said he felt violated by the invasive questioning despite Walters apology.

    That gave permission to every journalist to ask: ‘Are you gay?’ I was like, ‘I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want people to know’. I don’t know if it’s internalised homophobia, but it was not my moment,” he said.

    Martin also revealed that when he was at the height of his fame at the turn of the millennium, his close friends told him that coming out would end his career. He agreed that his success wouldn’t have been “the same” if he had come out in 1999, but added, “There’s no light in the closet. Every time I see an adolescent coming out, I’m like: ‘You’re so lucky because you don’t have to deal with this ever again.’”

    In 2010 he came out as a “proud [and] fortunate homosexual man” in a message to fans on his website. Recalling the day when he came out, he said, “It felt amazing. Can you come out twice, three times? I wish I had done it before. Yesterday is for ever beyond our control. There’s nothing you can do about what we’ve lived.”

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