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    “I’m So Excited”: Sofia Richie Is Expecting A Baby Girl With Elliot Grainge

    The new mama list of Hollywood keeps growing and after the announcement of the latest addition, there was more to be revealed. Sofia Richie’s reaction to her baby’s gender reveal in her recent TikTok shows just how excited she is to be a girl mom.

    Richie and her husband Elliot Grainge discovered the gender of their upcoming bundle of joy. The duo, accompanied by their curious Golden Retriever, indulged in a gender reveal moment that left Richie screaming with joy.

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    Pink Poppers For Sofia Richie’s Baby Girl

    Sofia Richie and husband Elliot Grainge with their Dog
    Sofia Richie and husband Elliot Grainge with their Dog

    Richie, 25, and Grainge, 30, hosted the grand gender reveal of their first baby in their backyard. Holding a confetti popper, Grainge anxiously awaited the countdown. Richie, with contagious excitement, couldn’t help but take a leap around the yard when the pink filled the air.

    Her excited scream echoed through the neighborhood for which Richie apologized in her TikTok caption: “Sorry to all my neighbors for the horrifying scream.” 

    As the pink haze settled, Richie, still on cloud nine, engulfed her standstill husband. The soon-to-be-a-girl dad expressed his joy in a more controlled manner. Grainge took in the revelation with a hand over his mouth, absorbing it. “I’m so excited!” Richie exclaimed, expressing her joy at the impending arrival of a baby girl.

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    Sofia Richie’s Growing Family

    Sofia Richie and husband Elliot Grainge for 'Vogue'
    Sofia Richie and husband Elliot Grainge (Image: Vogue)

    Reflecting on the surprise in a Vogue interview where she first revealed her pregnancy Sofia Richie shared, “We both really thought it was a boy, so it was a true shock.”

    She opened up about the unconventional method the couple chose for the gender reveal. “We had our OB text my assistant Becca, our baby’s gender, and we bought two party poppers: one blue, one pin,” she said.

    Richie continued, “She left out the one with the correct color inside, and Elliot and I popped it together. We both really thought it was a boy, so it was a true shock.”

    She further disclosed, “My dream in life is to have a daughter.” She playfully noted, “I think it’s so typical for boys to want boys, but he has a lot of sisters.”

    In this pink-infused revelation, Sofia Richie celebrates her dream coming true—a daughter to join their ever-growing, love-filled family.

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