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    What Is The Viral ‘Leggings Legs’ Trend On TikTok? How Is It Toxic For Women?

    Toxic beauty and body standards is possibly the worst thing that has come out of social media and influencers. While many internet personalities have promoted body positivity and natural body acceptance, the more perfectionist side of social media aspires to spread mirages of the ‘perfect body’ which is achieved by less, and desired by many.

    One such viral trend taking the rounds on TikTok as of now is the ‘leggings legs’ trend. What does it actually mean? And how is it promoting eating disorders?

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    Legging Legs Trend On TikTok Makes Women Insecure

    The latest trend on Tiktok is “leggings legs”

    Ever since TikTok took off, unhealthy body images and eating disorder reports have skyrocketed as many influencers try to promote impossible body standards- most of which is far from truth and heavily edited.

    Another trend promoting body shaming and unhealthy beauty standards, the leggings legs trend consists of women showing off perfect and toned slim legs, in an amass of over 33 million views on Tiktok. The name suggests that the so called ‘perfect’ legs should be suitable to wear leggings and should have a thigh gap. It further emphasizes that yoga pants or tights or leggings only look good on people who have achieved the perfect slim and toned legs – something that has made netizens furious.

    After gaining traction the trend sparked a debate on social media about the unhealthy body standards being portrayed for young women to follow and how it breeds body image issues and eating disorders. Many users have called this out and have discouraged further women posting about it.

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    How Did Netizens React To This Trend?

    Netizens slam the “leggings legs” trend

    People on social media slammed the trend, calling it out for it’s promotion of unhealthy body standards.

    Another user wrote about how Tiktok keeps promoting diet culture and refrains from the belief that all bodies are beautiful.

    More users slammed the ridiculousness of the trend, and how practically, all legs are leggings legs

    Many users also compared the trend with a similar trend on Tumblr years ago, which promoted thigh gaps and how only bodies that have thigh gaps are considered beautiful.

    Toxic trends like these are a reminder of the toxicity that comes with social media. Body image issues have been a huge outcome of using social media for so many girls as they spend the majority of their time comparing their natural bodies to made-up, photoshopped bodies on social media. We as users, should promote healthy bodies, and advocate that all bodies are beautiful. Moreover, trends like ‘leggings legs’ is nothing but silly because literally, if you have legs, you already have leggings legs. Congrats.

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