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    Is Jenna Ortega Anti-Semitic? Here’s Why Twitter Is Defending Her Remark About Palestinians

    Hollywood’s newest craze right now is Jenna Ortega. ‘Wednesday‘, a Netflix original series, gave the twenty-year-old actress who portrayed the famous Wednesday Addams her big break. With her signature dance from the performance, her propensity for going long stretches without blinking, and of course, her incredible acting, Jenna has made headlines.

    Ortega has the industry in a chokehold. The actress, however, is currently in the news for yet another incident, and this one may not be the finest of them. Did Jenna say anything “anti-Semitic”? What was the reaction on Twitter to her statements? Find out by reading on.


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    Is Jenna Ortega Anti-Semitic?

    Well, believe it or not, the whole fiasco came out of one absurd headline by an Israel-based publication. In early 2022, Jenna Ortega used her platform to bring awareness to the state of Palestinians. She dropped links on how people could help and talked about the situation that is going on in Palestine. She also showed her support towards the people of Yemen, Ukraine, Kashmir, Iraq and Syria.

    Now since January 2023, screenshots from a piece by The Times of Israel titled “Jenna Ortega vs. Kanye: Whose antisemitic hate is worse?” have been circulating on Twitter. Fans and internet users are criticizing the article that contrasts the “anti-Semitic hate” of the two celebrities.

    Kanye West has been under criticism recently for making several anti-Jewish remarks. This includes his weird Infowars interview with Alex Jones from December 1, 2022, in which the rapper went on an anti-Semitic tirade, claimed to appreciate Hitler, and blamed the Jewish media for preventing the world from appreciating Nazis. How did Twitter users react to this?

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    “Don’t Think Jenna Is Saying I Love Hitler”- Twitter

    Jenna Ortega fans and Twitter users alike talked about the Israel publication’s false allegations against Jenna being antisemitic. One user on Twitter wrote, “A stand against the inhumane treatment of others is NOT anti-Semitism. Israel needs to stop crying wolf, every time its inhumane actions toward the Palestinians are stated and there is support/advocacy for their victims.”

    Another user accused Israel of being ‘Zionist’.

    Another user depicted the situation with the help of a cartoon.

    Of course, voicing out an opinion on the atrocities Palestine is facing should make no one a supporter of antisemitism. The two viewpoints are “nowhere like similar,” many have said, adding that the newspaper “made up” Jenna’s antisemitism. Others have drawn attention to the issues they observed in the comparison, while some have utilized sarcasm to comment on the piece.

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