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    “Couldn’t Have Cared Less Who I Was”: Jane Fonda Being ‘White And Famous’ Was Useless In Jail, So ‘Monster In Law’ Became Her Identity To Fellow Inmates

    Jane Fonda‘s 2005 movie ‘Monster In Law‘ reached great heights. It not only served as a big comeback on the big screen but also helped Jane with her identity. Jane was arrested five years ago during a protest in Washington DC against climate change.

    She stayed in jail with a woman who failed to recognize her. By recalling her time in jail, she shared how the movie served as an identity to her and it was a whole new different experience.

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    Jane Fonda’s ‘Monster In Law’ Appearance Helped Her In Prison

    Monster In Law

    The Hollywood icon Jane Fonda was arrested for protesting against climate change and she was taken into custody in 2019. While recalling her time in jail on Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson’s ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name‘ podcast, she talked about her experience there.

    Fonda revealed that ‘Monster In Law’ helped her to tell who she was to a woman in jail. She reflected, “We’re white and we’re famous and we will never really know what it’s like to be Black in this country or brown, something very liberating about engaging in civil disobedience.”

    Fonda was the only white person in the jail and she also realized that her identity often leads her to unfair, privileged treatment in jail.

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    Jane Fonda On Her Experience Behind Bars

    Jane Fonda

    This wasn’t the first experience of Fonda in jail. The actress has always been vocal about her thoughts publicly. She was previously arrested in 1970 in Cleveland after she was accused of smuggling drugs. The actress shared there were a lot of black women in jail, hence it was interesting. She said, “I ended up being put some place else with a lot of other prisoners, Black women, and it was, you know, it was really interesting. They couldn’t have cared less who I was. They had far more important things to think about”.

    Moreover, none of them were familiar with her career and weren’t impressed much either. Fonda continued, “None of them had seen any of my movies. Jennifer Lopez. Yeah. They had seen Monster-in-Law. I pulled that card and they were mildly impressed, but not really. They went right back and talked about what they were dealing with, which was survival issues. It was an eye-opener, I’ll tell you.”

    Comparing her recent jail experience to the previous one she said that the previous one was rough. She remembered, “That was not good, I got roughed up a little, but, you know, we get off easy“.

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