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    Jennifer Lopez Partners Up With Skydance Tv To Create A Cinderella Limited Series

    Jenifer Lopez’s company is collaborating with Sky Dance Television and Concord originals. They are producing a limited series based on Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Rachel is responsible for the adaptation of the musical and is also the showrunner.

    Jennifer Lopez started her own production company in 2001. It is well-known for producing multiple tv series and movies. For example “The boy next door,” “Feel The Noise” are some famous movies produced by the company.

    The Unanimous Deal Among The Three

    Jennifer Lopez's Cinderella
    Jennifer Lopez’s Cinderella

    Sky dance television, Concord originals, and Nuyorican productions have made a deal. They plan on making the Cinderella limited series a blockbuster hit because the storyline is unique enough to touch the hearts.

    “The story of Cinderella is as timeless now as ever,” said Sky dance Television president Bill Bost. “This is the aspirational story of romance, unconventional families and the surprising power of wishes. This inspired audiences around the world for centuries. We are thrilled to be working with Jennifer, Rachel, Concord and The Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization. We are going to bring our fresh take to the screen.”

    The Spark In Rodgers And Hammerstein Cinderella


    Rodgers and Hammerstein created only one musical for television and that was Cinderella. Their musical made its debut in 1957 on CBS featuring Julie Andrews. The show grew so popular among the masses. As a result, a hundred million people watched it. That was the most number of viewers in the history of a TV broadcast.

    “Rodgers & Hammerstein elevated the already magical story of Cinderella with their iconic music. That is to say, It has attracted legends of screen and stage throughout. Therefore, This is an award-winning iterations over the years,” said Sophia. She is the senior VP of development and production at Concord Originals.

    Sophia further added, “Our partnership with Sky dance and Jennifer’s productions on this project is the first step of many towards our collective goal of championing timeless classics for a new generation. Rachel is the perfect voice to expand upon this story in a contemporary way.”

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