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    Joe Alwyn Claims He’s “Never Been” To The Black Dog Pub Mentioned In Taylor Swift’s Popular TTPD Song

    Taylor Swift dropped a rather expected bomb on her ex Joe Alwyn with her latest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘, and her target hit just the right spot. The British actor gained heavy negative limelight after Swift’s album broke records. The singer has given quite a few hints about Alwyn in her songs, though she herself has never dropped names.

    A particular place that garnered heavy attention after the release of her album is the Black Dog bar in London, which Taylor contends through her lyrics to be a place Alwyn frequented quite a lot. However, the actor has denied the claim, even after the owners of the place recently indicated that he indeed is a regular visitor. Here’s what Alwyn said.

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    Joe Alwyn Claims Trashes Speculation About ‘The Black Dog’

    Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn
    Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

    Both Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s fans have been eagerly waiting for the English actor’s reactions to the diss tracks against him. Months after the release of the album majorly dedicated to him, Alwyn broke his silence. While talking about the album, he specifically denied a claim Swift seems to make in one of her tracks.

    In a recent Sunday Times Style profile, Alwyn was asked point-blank if The Black Dog pub in Vauxhall, England, was his least favorite eatery because of Swift’s song of the same name as the pub. “I’ve never been to Vauxhall,” Alwyn responded with a smile, hinting that there is nothing more to say.

    The Black Dog’ was released in April as part of Taylor Swift’s ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ album. Soon after the release of the song, Swifties were quick to deduce that she was talking about a real bar called The Black Dog in Vauxhall, a suburb of London. They also linked it with Joe Alwyn, which was further indirectly confirmed by the bar’s owners. However, Alwyn has made it amply clear that he is not the one being talked about.

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    Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Spent Most Of Their Dating Life In London

    Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift
    Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift

    The lyrics of Taylor Swift’s song ‘The Black Dog‘ hinted that she had some memories with one of her exes at a popular pub in London. In the song, Taylor Swift sings, “I am someone who, until recent events / You shared your secrets with / And your location / You forgot to turn it off. And so I watch as you walk / Into some bar called The Black Dog / And pierce new holes in my heart.”

    She continues, “I just don’t understand / How you don’t miss me / In The Black Dog / When someone plays The Starting Line and you jump up / But she’s too young to know this song / That was intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming.”

    Swift and Alwyn dated for six years until their 2023 split and spent much of their time in London. Taylor Swift has not publicly confirmed whether any songs from TTPD are about Alwyn or fellow ex Matty Healy, but fans presume that breakup tracks are about these relationships.

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