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    “We Do Have A Certain Blonde Regular”: The Black Dog Pub Owner Hints At Joe Alwyn’s Frequent Visits After Taylor Swift’s Song Release

    Taylor Swift‘s recent album ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘ was an ode to her failed relationships with two of her British ex-boyfriends Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy. Though it was anticipated that Alwyn would be a subject of Swift’s album, Matty Healy’s mention was a surprise for many. Taylor also roped in her arch-enemy Kim Kardashian in one of her songs, while gave a shout out to many others through her songs.

    Taylor is known for her Easter eggs and the hidden messages in her lyrics. Her references to Matty Healy’s signature suits and some of his favorite music bands gave him away as the subject of Taylor’s songs. In Joe Alwyn’s case too, there were many clues. However, the song ‘The Black Dog’ named after a pub in London has created a buzz among fans. And the owner of the pub has something to add to it.

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    “We’re Just Loving It”: Owners Of The Black Dog Pub In London Say They Are Overwhelmed With The Sudden Attention

    The Black Dog Pub with Joe Alwyn
    The Black Dog Pub with Joe Alwyn

    After the release of Taylor Swift’s latest album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ a London pub saw an unexpected heavy surge. The increased footfall is because one of Taylor Swift’s tracks has been named after it. Lily Bottomley, the owner of The Black Dog pub, spoke to Sky News about the surge and the impact of Taylor’s song named after the pub.

    Bottomley confirmed that the subject of Taylor Swift’s song, Joe Alwyn, is indeed a “regular” at the establishment. In an interview with Sky News, Bottomley said, “I don’t want to give too much away. We do have a certain blond regular who frequents, let’s just say that.”

    In another interview with BBC, she also said that the attention her pub is getting after Taylor’s song’s release has been wonderful to experience. “We’re just loving it, it’s been so fun. All of the attention has been pretty overwhelming but we can’t be happier,” she told BBC.

    The pub owner is also capitalizing on the newfound fame. The Black Dog pub is now offering Swift-themed cocktails and food options. Many of Swift’s fams ate flocking to the pub, and this Taylor-themed twist to the menu is catering to their needs quite well. “We’ve had [the album] on non-stop in the pub. We’ve had singalongs from fans. It’s been amazing,” Bottomley said.

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    Taylor Swift’s Song ‘The Black Dog’ Narrates Heartache From A Lover Who Frequented The Pub

    Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn
    Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

    The song in question is also titled after the pub itself. In her song titled ‘The Black Dog’, Taylor describes an ex-lover visiting the pub without turning his phone’s location off and causing her heartache.

    You forgot to turn it off / And so I watch as you walk into some bar called The Black Dog / And pierce new holes in my heart,” she sings in the song. “How you don’t miss me in The Black Dog / When someone plays The Starting Line and you jump up / But she’s too young to know this song,” she continues.

    Swift’s album has several tracks that are inspired by her failed and painful relationships, including her romance with Joe Alwyn. Other than ‘The Black Dog’, the song ‘So Long, London‘ also have several references to the time that the two lived together in the city.

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