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    Kim Kardashian Loses About 100K Social Media Followers After Taylor Swift’s Diss Track In ‘The Tortured Poets Department’

    The feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift is one of the most popular and dramatic long-standing fight in Hollywood. As Taylor Swift has recently released her much-anticipated album ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘, she targeted two of her ex-boyfriends Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy through her songs. She also targeted Kim Kardashian in a scathing revenge song ‘thanK you aIMee’.

    While Swifties are gushing over the newly released album by the pop icon, Taylor Swift’s songs seem to have left quite an impact on the people she has written them about. Though Joe Alwyn hasn’t spoken up much about it, Matty Healy’s aunt has recently made a negative statement about the songs written about the ‘The 1975‘. And Kim Kardashian is paying an even higher price.

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    Kim Kardashian Is Paying A Heavy Price For Feud With Taylor Swift

    Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift
    Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

    It is safe to say a majority of Kim Kardashian’s fanbase gets important updates about her life from her social media handles. But because of Taylor’s jibe at her through one of her latest songs, the reality star has reportedly lost a substantial number of social media followers, and reports suggest that the count still plummeting.

    Swift’s song hits Kardashian with some sharp lyrics with reference to the long-standing feud between the two. The song has ignited a storm of backlash from Swifties, which is presumably the reason that Kardashian’s follower count began to dwindle rapidly.

    The song’s lyrics that go, “Everyone knows that my mother is a saintly woman / But she used to say she wished that you were dead,” have enraged many Swifties leading them to flood Kardashian’s social media platforms. Many have also made references to the song’s title, which capitalizes on the letters spelling “Kim.”

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    Fans Await A Reaction From Kim Kardashian’s Mother Kris Jenner

    Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift
    Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift’s use of hidden messages in her lyrics has further fueled the fervor against Kim Kardashian. As the reality TV star is bearing the brunt of the fallout from Swift’s song, fans now await the intervention of Kardashian’s mother and manager, Kris Jenner.

    Kris is renowned for her ability to navigate the family through crises, and her silence on the matter has left fans anticipating her move in response to Taylor’s diss at her daughter. Many fans also speculate that Jenner must be putting on some behind-the-scenes efforts to craft a worthy response to Taylor Swift’s drama.

    Some fans are even speculating that the matriarch may use the situation and leverage the controversy for profits in her business ventures or upcoming Kardashian ventures.

    Swift’s album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department, was expected to address various feuds, especially with his exes Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy. Kardashian’s mention, however, emerged as the primary target of ‘thanK you aIMee’ and left her fans baffled.

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