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    Johnny Depp Auctions His Artworks, Fetches Millions As Collection Sells-Out In Record Time

    It’s been a while since Johnny Depp got out of his long and hectic defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. And there is no doubt that the final verdict of the most infamous case has brought him a great victory and a reward worth $15m.

    The actor has been in headlines for quite some time, be it his much-awaited comeback on the screens with his unique acting skills, or his power pack performances on stage. Recently, Depp added another feather in his cap. As most people know that Johnny is quite a talented painter. The actor recently auctioned his collection and it sold out in a record time.

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    Johnny Depp Is Making Millions Out Of His Mind-blowing Art Work

    Johnny Depp creating his masterpiece
    Johnny Depp creating his masterpiece

    The 59-year-old actor earned over $3.6 million after releasing around 780 prints of his amazing artwork through the Castle Fine Art gallery in London. The art sold out “almost immediately” after being made available for sale on Thursday, according to the reports in The Sunday-Times.

    The artwork tentatively titled as “Friends & Heroes” collection, features four portraits of Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, and Keith Richards. The paintings got sold both individually and as a set. According to the gallery, Depp focused on “people he has known well, and who have inspired him as a person.”

    Each image is an intimate reflection of their character in Johnny’s eyes; a portrayal of how they have revealed themselves to him,” Castle Fine Art said of the pop-meets-street art. “From his dear friend Keith Richards, who inspired the mannerisms of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, to Bob Dylan, whose creative influence on the artist is seen in his vivid and immortal portrayal by Johnny.

    Each of the limited edition portraits costs $3,973 online, whereas the set of four is listed on sale for $15,040.

    “I’ve Always Used Art To Express My Feelings,” Says Depp

    Johnny Depp with his artwork
    Johnny Depp with his artwork

    Alongside the masterpiece paintings, the Art Gallery also shared some great lines from Johnny Depp.

    I’ve always used art to express my feelings, and to reflect on those who matter most to me, like my family, friends and people I admire,” Depp said in a statement shared by the gallery. “My paintings surround my life, but I kept them to myself and limited myself. No one should ever limit themselves.”

    Before the release on Thursday, the gallery posted a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram of Depp painting in the studio. The same day, Depp shared a snap of himself posing with the four-part set, framed and hung on a wall.

    Fans clamored for the collection and it was sold out in record time. “This world-first release proved to be our fastest-selling collection to date, selling out in just hours,” Castle Fine Art said.

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