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    Johnny Depp Vs Amber Heard: Most Shocking Moments Of Defamation Trial Till Now

    The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case is riddled with twists and turns and every hearing is unfolding in a never seen or heard before manner. As they return to court after a week-long hiatus, the defamation trial seems to be getting more and more bizarre.

    It was in 2018 that Johnny Depp filed a defamation suit against Amber Heard, alleging that she falsely portrayed him as a domestic abuser in an op-ed piece, which in turn harmed his lucrative acting career. While Heard never mentioned Depp’s name in the article, she described herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”.

    After Johnny Depp hit her with the lawsuit, Amber Heard filed a 100-million-dollar countersuit against Depp, claiming that he defamed her by referring to her article as “fake” and a “sexual violence hoax”.

    This sounds just like a courtroom drama, right? Here’s a list of bombshells dropped during the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial:

    Johnny Depp Doodles In Court

    Johnny Depp was seen doodling a sketch and showing it to his lawyer, Benjamin Chew, inside the courtroom. In a clip shared by Entertainment Tonight on YouTube, Johnny’s lawyer nodded his head after looking at the sketch. It gained attention everywhere as the sketch appeared to be of a woman.

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    Amber Heard’s Testimony On Johnny Depp Abusing Her

    Amber Heard testified about the first time Depp allegedly hit her while they were sitting on the couch. She said, “He slapped me across the face and I laughed. I laughed because I didn’t know what else to do. I thought this must be a joke because I didn’t know what was going on. I just stared at him thinking that he was going to start laughing too.” Johnny Depp described it as “the best performance of her life.”

    Amber Heard
    Amber Heard

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    Amber Heard Fires Her PR Firm

    Amber Heard fired her public relations team and hired a new one amid the defamation trial. According to reports, the actress took the decision as she was unhappy with negative headlines about her.

    Johnny Depp’s “Burn Amber” Texts

    In an astounding turn of events, Johnny Depp admitted that he texted his friend, Paul Bettany, about drowning and burning then-girlfriend Amber Heard. The text read, “Let’s burn Amber!!! Let’s drown her before we burn her!!” Depp defended himself by saying that it was a reference to a Monty Python sketch about burning witches.

    He said, “This is a film that we’d all watched when we were 10, and it’s just irreverent and abstract humor. That’s what we were referring to in those texts.”

    The actor added, “Ms. Heard despised Mr. Bettany because mainly we had become such close friends. For her, he was a threat and would take me away from her. If Paul Bettany was getting attention from me, that was a showstopper. It would cause all kinds of unpleasantries.”

    Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp

    Amber’s Reaction To Johnny’s ‘Winona Forever’ Tattoo

    Johnny Depp revealed that he had two letters from his ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo removed. The actor had dated Winona Ryder in the 90s and got the tattoo. He changed it to ‘Wino Forever’ after they broke up.

    Depp told the jury that Amber hated the tattoo and made him get one of her. “I was doing everything I could to bring a smile to her face as opposed to a frown and then the onslaught of whatever problems she was experiencing,” the actor said.

    Amber Heard’s Claims Proven Wrong By Makeup Brand

    A makeup brand disputed a claim by Amber Heard’s lawyer about the actress using their concealers to cover bruises from domestic violence. A viral video clearly specified that the product that they claimed she was using was launched a year after Amber and Johnny’s divorce in 2016.

    The brand wrote on the video, “You asked us… let the record show that our Correcting Kit launched in 2017! Take note: Alleged abuse was around 2014-2016, got divorced 2016, makeup palette release date: December 2017.”

    Johnny Depp’s Severed His Finger During Violent Fight With Amber

    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were living in Australia during the filming of the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie and they got into a heated argument, which escalated into violent behavior. A part of Johnny’s finger was separated from the rest of the hand.

    After the incident, Depp texted his doctor, David Kipper, “I cut the top of my middle finger off. What should I do? Except of course go to a hospital. I’m so embarrassed for jumping into anything with her.”

    During the trial, Depp testified that Heard lost her cool when he started drinking and threw a bottle of vodka at him, severing the top of his finger.

    Johnny Depp's Grotesque Finger
    Johnny Depp testified about his severed finger.

    Amber Heard Claims Johnny Depp Stomped Cigarettes On Her

    An audio was played in court where Amber accused Depp of putting a cigarette on her. One can hear Amber say, “Put your f–king cigarettes out on someone else… you f***** have consequences for your actions.”

    While there is no visual evidence for this, Heard’s lawyer pointed out that Johnny didn’t deny burning her with a cigarette. In the audio, the actor responded by saying, “Shut up, fat *ss“.

    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard got married in 2015 and in 2016, Heard filed for divorce and alleged that Depp had physically abused her during their marriage under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    The tables have turned now as Depp is receiving massive support. One thing is for sure, the trial is nothing less than a thrilling drama.

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