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    Johnny Depp’s Friend Gina Says Amber Heard Is A ‘Sociopathic Show Pony’

    Gina Deuters, Johnny Depp‘s closest friend calls Amber Heard a “sociopathic show pony“. Further, she believes that Amber is trying to ruin Johnny’s life. For starters, Gina Deuters is the wife of Depp’s longtime business associate and assistant Stephen Deuters.

    Gina has witnessed Johnny’s turbulent 15-month marriage with Heard. And based on the same Gina claims that Depp is the actual sufferer in their current court struggle. She revealed this since she is being forced to recuse herself from the witness stand because she feels Heard thrives on drama.

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    Gina Deuters Thinks Amber Heard Believes That Fighting Is Passion

    Gina Deuters and Amber Heard
    Gina Deuters and Amber Heard

    Gina Deuters reveals that what she found odd about Amber was that during her wedding she asked Gina if the couple used to fight. To this, Gina answered that there are a few occasions where they have arguments. But Amber forcefully asked her about real fighting. This shocked Gina. Jokingly, Gina asks Amber if she likes to fight. She never thought that something like this would happen in reality.

    “I think there is a part of Amber that [believes] fighting is passion. It means there’s sparks, fireworks [in the relationship]. [Amber] is someone who is always used to getting what she wants. She is quite entitled and I think she made big demands in their divorce.”

    Gina Deuters

    Deuters even shared that her husband initially referred to Heard as a “sociopathic show pony”. He did so after accidentally becoming the mediator in Depp and Heard’s final tough days of marriage. He also does not regret referring to Amber as such. Deuters recently testified in Johnny’s defense but was unable to deliver her complete testimony to the jury in Virginia because her testimony was removed from the record.

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    How Depp’s Family Already Lost Him

    Gina and Stephen Deuters with Johnny Depp
    Gina and Stephen Deuters with Johnny Depp

    On April 14, Gina was told to leave the courtroom when Heard’s journalist friend Eve Barlow intervened and Deuters revealed to the judge that she had viewed a video of the trial online. Deuters regarded Depp’s time with Heard as more of an Amber invasion than a partnership. Gina emphasizes that Amber immediately began relocating her pals into his residences. She gradually separated him from his family and friends, which was pretty disturbing. They thought they had kind of lost him at one point. Gina also shares that Johnny is someone who respects women.

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