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    “Just Like We Drew It Up”: Joe Biden Reacts To Chiefs’ Super Bowl Win With ‘Dark Brandon’ Meme, Teases Critics Amid Taylor Swift Conspiracy

    After the Kansas City Chiefs brought home the trophy with a thrilling Super Bowl victory, President Joe Biden is making the best of it to his advantage. Ahead of the Super Bowl’s big game night, there were several conspiracy theories rife about the Super Bowl being rigged in the Kansas City Chiefs’ favor, as Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend Travis Kelce is a part of it.

    Netizens suggested that after the Chiefs’ win, Taylor, a popular superstar in America, would endorse Biden in return and help him win the Presidential elections. While there was no basis to this conspiracy theory, Biden is making the best of it. The American President has pulled up an old meme to congratulate the Chiefs, while also teasing his critics with it.

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    Joe Biden Teases Conspiracy Theorists As He Brings Back “Dark Brandon” Meme

    Joe Biden and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)
    Joe Biden and Taylor Swift (Image: Getty)

    Joe Biden took to his official X account after the Kansas City Chiefs secured a victory in the Super Bowl showdown 2024. The post featured a photo of himself, with red lasers shining through his eyes, captioned “Just like we drew it up”.

    The photo references the “Dark Brandon” meme trend that first surfaced during the 2022 elections.  The meme comically combines “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Dark MAGA” to celebrate Joe Biden’s policy wins.

    Though it began as an internet joke, the meme soon turned into a tool for touting the president’s legislative achievements and campaigning for his reelection. While it intended to portray Biden in an evil light, the meme got associated with pro-Biden sentiments eventually — and the President and the White House have tactfully used it to their advantage.

    Biden posting this photo now is seemingly to tease the conspiracy theorists who suggested that Biden will set up the Kansas City Chiefs’ win to get endorsed by Taylor Swift. Whether or not there’s any truth to these theories, we do not know. But irrespective of that, Biden is doing the best to use it for his social media campaigning ahead of the elections.

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    “Sir This Is Next Level Trolling”: Biden’s Tweet Draws Mixed Reactions From Social Media

    Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl (Image: Getty)
    Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl (Image: Getty)

    Social media gave mixed reactions to the post, with some expressing utter disbelief, while some others lauding Biden for making the best of the meme. “Thought this was Joe Biden (Parody) at first,” a user wrote in the comments section of his post. “I thought this was a parody account but nope, it’s the President of the United States,” another wrote.

    Sir this is next level trolling. You are awarded 10/10,” one more user wrote.Taylor Swift won the Super Bowl and next she will win the election for President Biden,” another user quipped.Now the Democrat Party has rigged and stolen the Super Bowl. You can’t make this up,” one more person wrote, mentioning the conspiracy theory.

    After the “Dark Brandon” meme, Biden also posted a celebratory video to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs’ win on his POTUS X account. “With their third Super Bowl win in just five seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs aren’t just champions today – they’re a dynasty. Congratulations, Chiefs Kingdom. Ready to welcome this team back to the White House,” Biden wrote in the caption of his post.

    The Super Bowl showdown was full of ups and downs, as the Chiefs secured their victory in the final moments of the game. The team secured a decisive touchdown and won over the San Francisco 49ers with a 25-22 win in overtime.

    The Biden campaign had also shared a TikTok video with the president deadpanning about the conspiracy theory. With a hint of humor, Biden teased, “I’d get in trouble if I told you,” addressing the speculations surrounding the Super Bowl outcome. The TikTok video also marked the debut of the Biden campaign’s rapid response account on the platform.

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