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    Kanye West Cuts Down The Price Of His Malibu Mansion by $14 Million Due To Lack Of Potential Buyers

    Kanye West seems to be finding some difficulty in selling his Malibu mansion, as reports suggest that the has does not have any potential buyers leading him to cut down the price by $14 Million. The lack of potential buyers has one strong reason: the house is demolished and has no exterior, or interior appeal.

    The demolished house, which the 46-year-old rapper purchased for an astounding $57 million in 2021, is currently only a concrete shell. So it doesn’t have a visible appeal for a buyer. Although he was prepared to absorb the $4 million loss, he listed the home for $53 million in January of last year, but no one was interested at that price.

    West has now significantly lowered the price by $14 million. His house is now available for only $39 million, although it is missing any walls, furnishings, or other features, making it a hard sale, even for a star like West.

    The house was designed by famous architect Tadao Ando and was considered to be one of the significant works under the architect’s radar. The design was a simple concrete structure with sculptural lines. It’s quite difficult to see the architect’s initial concept now that West has removed all of the building’s windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical. Page Six claims that West intended for it to appear like a “bomb shelter.”

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    Why Is Kanye West Selling His Mansion?

    Kanye West (Credits GETTY)
    Kanye West (Credits GETTY)

    Kanye West’s plans of converting the house into a bomb shelter failed, leading to his dissatisfaction with the million dollar property, that, as of now, doesn’t have any buyers. The former manager, Tony Saxon, claims he was wrongfully sacked for bringing up safety issues during the makeover.

    Working demanding 16-hour days at the beach house, Saxon was hired for the project in September 2021, according to his lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

    The rapper recommended moving large generators indoors, but Saxon voiced worries about possible fire threats. Kanye then allegedly threatened Saxon, saying he would become an “enemy” if Saxon didn’t share his vision and implement it on the house.

    As stated in the lawsuit, Kanye told Saxon to “get out” when he continued to disagree. Saxon goes on to claim that West gave him a warning, telling him, “If you don’t comply with my instructions, you won’t work for me, we won’t be friends. and you’ll only see me on TV.”

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