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    “Ill-Tempered Tyrant And Despot”: Kanye West Accused Of Racism And Anti-Semitism In Lawsuit By Former Donda Academy Employee

    According to new reports, an ex-employee of Kanye West has revealed the rapper’s racist behavior and stated that he had seen West’s antisemitic and homophobic outbursts. The former employee at Donda Academy, Trevor Phillips, said that West had humiliated and criticized him in front of other workers and that other workers had observed that West treated Black workers less well than White workers.

    The lawsuit states, “During his tenure, Phillips never witnessed West yell and berate a white person, but on countless occasions he saw and/or personally experienced Kanye frenziedly yell at Black people.”

    According to the lawsuit, Philips had witnessed West say statements like “the Jews are out to get me” and “the Jews are stealing all my money,” putting a further toll on the rapper’s anti-semitic history that completely ruined his career. The suit further adds, “While Kanye considered himself a god or a king, in reality he was an ill-tempered tyrant and despot, who sought to mentally obliterate and control those around him.”

    The lawsuit also makes allegations of unlawful termination, retaliation, and racial discrimination. Ye also, at one point had threatened Philips to hit him.

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    Problematic Ways In Which Kanye West Operated Donda School

    Kanye West (Credits GETTY)
    Kanye West (Credits GETTY)

    The more disturbing aspects of the lawsuit include how Kanye operated the Donda school. The lawsuit states that West often influenced his anti-Semitism on the students, making statements against the Jews in front of them, as well as praising Hitler.

    Philips revealed that Kanye had told two kids in attendance at a meeting that he intended to create a jail at the school, where the kids would have been kept in cages, according to the lawsuit. He also described Donda Academy as “pseudo-religious sermon where Kanye and a choir plays gospel music.”

    Though there have been discussions of reopening, Donda Academy has since remained closed. The lawsuit asks for a court order to prevent West from being the owner and operator of a school.

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