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    Kanye West Says He Invented “Every Style Of Music Of The Past 20 Years”

    As Kanye West‘s new album ‘Vultures’ has put him in the limelight once again, the rapper has gone back to his strung of problematic and controversial statements.

    While getting interviewed by Big Boy, Ye spoke about the power of his influence and how he thinks he has invented all the styles of music in the past two decades. Read on to know his full statement.

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    “I Created This Genre”: Kanye West Boasts About His Impact On The Music Industry

    Kanye West (Credits: Cover Pictures)
    Kanye West (Credits: Cover Pictures)

    In a recent interview with Big Boy, Kanye West talked about his influence on the musical industry, claiming that he is responsible for “birthing” most of the top artists today.

    “I done invented every style of music of the past 20 years,” he said, “I created this genre. I created Weeknd’s genre, Trav, Drake…I’m gonna go ‘head and say it, with all love, Future and Thug also, because of the autotune album if you think about it.”

    His comment, as expected, led to a heated debate on social media as users argued about his statement. While some fully agreed that West has been a major influence on the artists that are thriving today, some others slammed him for his incessant narcissism.

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    Ye’s Statement Sparks Debates On Social Media

    Kanye West
    Kanye West (Credit: X)

    Many people called Kanye West out for his narcissism. A common opinion among many was that he was indeed, an influential artist, but he absolutely didn’t invent any genre.

    More users drew the comparing line between “invention” and “influence“.

    This just adds up to the long list of controversial things that the rapper has said in the past. As of now, Ye’s fans are waiting for his album VULTURES 2 along with Ty Dolla $ign.

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