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    Kanye West Files To Trademark The Yeezy Sock Shoes

    There is no mystery or man behind the craft anymore! Kanye West has lost the narrative of being one of the best artists and fashion tour de force. Along with his credibility, West has also lost business due to his constant anti-semitic behavior. Many industry moguls, including Adidas, have severed ties with the ‘Donda’ rapper.

    Adidas and Kanye West’s collaboration dates back to 2013 when Ye’s Yeezy collaboration brought prosperity to the shoe giant’s company. After sales went up by 18% in 2016, Adidas extended the contract until 2026. But the rapper’s anti-Semitism forced Adidas to cut all ties with the rapper’s fashion brand, Yeezy. Now, there are billions worth of Yeezys with the company. Amidst that, West has now registered to trademark the Yeezy shoe socks.

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    Kanye West’s New Yeezy Shoes Will Be Socks With Leather Soles

    Ye and Bianca Censori at the Yeezy season 10 show
    Ye and Bianca Censori at the Yeezy season 10 show

    Recently, Kanye West and his wife, Bianca Censori, were wearing questionable bottoms that were footwear! Now, West’s company, Mascotte Holdings, Inc., has registered “YZY Sock Shoes” in a filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

    The filing on May 4, 2023, suggests that Kanye West will use the trademark to create “socks with leather soles.” Bianca and Kanye were spotted wearing them after the Yeezy season 10 presentation on May 1, 2023, in Los Angeles. Ye and André Bodiford founded Mascotte Holdings, Inc., in June 2004. The company houses various brands affiliated with the rapper’s moniker.

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    Adidas Will Sell The Yeezys And Donate The Earnings To The Charity

    Bjørn Gulden, CEO of Adidas
    Bjørn Gulden, CEO of Adidas

    After severing ties with Kanye West, Adidas lost millions of dollars. Though the loss was marginal, West still had $1.3 billion worth of Yeezy shoes with the company. In 2022, during the Q3 closing call, Adidas CEO Harm Ohlmeyer said, “Going forward, we will leverage the existing inventory, with the exact plans being developed as we speak. It should refrain from relaunching items under its own brand, as they will always be synonymous with West, and this would likely result in muted customer demand.”

    Adidas reported a $442 million loss during the Q1 earnings call. The CEO, Bjrn Gulden, admitted that severing ties has been hurting the company. It witnessed a 20% drop in the sales of shoes in North America. The shareholders sued the company for not paying heed to the 2018 reports, which provided foresight of the repercussions of continuing the partnership with Ye. Now, the company will “donate money to the organizations that help us and were harmed by what Ye said.”


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