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    Kanye West Hires Adidas Collaborator Gosha Rubchinskiy As Head Of Design At Yeezy

    Kanye West has reached the abyss of hate with his statements that created huge controversies, costing him his career. It all began with the Yeezy show at the Paris Fashion Week in 2022, where he introduced t-shirts that read ‘White Lives Matter’. This caused a severe backlash from the industry. After this, he went on a rampage to spew hate against the Jews.

    After Kanye West’s hate tirade against Jews, he was ousted from the industry, with major brands like Balenciaga, Vogue, and Adidas severing ties with him and his brand. Ye incurred a huge financial loss after they canceled the deals, especially with Adidas. Since then, Kanye has been finding a way to revive Yeezy without big brand collaborations. Now, he has found a trailblazing creative in the Russian designer, Gosha Rubchinskiy, to take the Yeezy baton forward as the Head of Design.

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    Gosha Rubchinskiy Has Extensively Collaborated With Kanye West

    Gosha Rubchinskiy is the new Head of Design at Kanye West's Yeezy
    Gosha Rubchinskiy is the new Head of Design at Kanye West’s Yeezy

    In a rare moment, Kanye West made a post on X, aka Twitter, about the appointment of the new Head of Design at Yeezy. In the press release,  Kanye West wrote, “Yeezy welcomes Gosha Rubchinskiy as its new Head of Design today. The arrival of this legendary Russian designer at Yeezy, the pre-eminent global brand in music and fashion, is a milestone in design history.”

    Gosha Rubchinskiy has been a trailblazer designer responsible for making Russian fashion come into mainstream and cool. He had no formal training in design, but his grit to make his label in 2008 has made him a big name in the industry. He has collaborated with brands like Levi’s and Burberry, and the designer has been a frequent collaborator with Adidas.

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    The Rapper Held A Listening Party For His New Album ‘Vultures’ In Miami

    Kanye West at the Miami listening party for his new album 'Vultures'
    Kanye West at the Miami listening party for his new album ‘Vultures’

    There were reports about Kanye West and TY Dolla $ign collaborating on a joint album. The rapper duo was reportedly going to hold a listening party in Italy, but due to Kanye’s anti-Semitism history and pro-Hitler stance, they were barred from performing at the RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia. So, after releasing and performing the first single titled ‘Vultures’ in Dubai, West, TY Dolla $ign held a listening party for the new album.

    Kanye West and TY Dolla $ign held a listening party at the Wynwood Marketplace in Miami. He invited artists like Lil Durk, Bump J, Offset, and other rappers. Kanye’s eldest daughter, North West, also attended the ‘Vultures Rave’. They performed songs like ‘New Body’ featuring Nicki Minaj, ‘Beg Forgiveness’ with Chris Brown, and Freddie Gibbs performed ‘Back to Me’. West also created controversy by donning a KKK-inspired hoodie at the concert.

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