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    Kevin Hart Slaps Dwayne Johnson Twice And Laughs Whole-Heartedly During Tortilla Challenge

    BFFs Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have unleashed laughter on the Internet once again. Their quirky nature and enthusiasm for new trends always manage to draw the audience. Recently, the stars took TikTok’s famous Tortilla Challenge and posted the results on their respective social media handles. One thing is for sure, nothing is funnier than watching Kevin Hart and The Rock going for each other’s throats.

    The duo shares an amazing bond and their quick comedic timing has always awed their fans. Lately, they have been going around the town for promotional events for their upcoming movie, ‘DC League of Super Pets‘.

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    Kevin Hart Gets To Slap Dwayne Johnson With “No Consequences” During Tortilla Challenge

    The Rock & Hart on promotion tours
    The Rock and Hart on promotion tours

    The two stars of ‘DC League of Super-Pets‘ tried their hand at the hilarious TikTok trend. On Wednesday, the ‘Jumanji‘ star shared his tortilla slap down with Hart on his Instagram page. The video has already been viewed nearly 17 million times. “You can tell @KevinHart4Real has been waiting for the day he can finally slap the sh*t out of me with no consequences,” the former professional wrestler wrote in the caption of his post.

    “This will be the funniest thing,” Hart chuckles at the beginning of the video. After winning the first round of Rock Paper Scissors, the comedian scored the chance to slap Johnson with a limp tortilla and won a second time in a row, much to the towering actor’s chagrin. Though the action star never won a round of Rock Paper Scissors, he did manage to give Hart a slap with a tortilla. He did this after the comedian became too overwhelmed by the hilarity of the entire situation to hold a mouthful of water.

    Go, go, go! Hurry up!” the comedian squeals at the end of the video, begging his co-star to get over with the slap. “You busted my eardrum,” Rock accused Hart at the end of the clip. “Never again.”

    The Tortilla challenge requires each participant to see who can slap the other one hardest with the help of the round unleavened bread. Like the two over-the-top performers that they are, Hart and Johnson gave the challenge their own twist. They upped the stakes by deciding who gets to slap the other by playing Rock Paper Scissors and also filling their mouths with water.

    Fans Call The Clip “Straight Comedy”

    The famous actors of Hollywood have quite the fan following. They keep track of their professional as well as personal lives. So how could such a treat for them go unnoticed? They had some incredible reactions to it which they expressed in the comment section of the video.

    One user particularly pointed out Kevin’s good luck: “Kevin was so happy for this moment.” This was in reference to when he got to slap the Rock twice with the tortilla chip. “Straight COMEDY,” wrote a fan.

    While another user just appreciated the hilarious video. “I laughed for 2 minutes straight,” the comment read. The audience loved the vibe shared by the duo and commented on their comedy. “I loooooove when these 2 get together,” another replied.

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