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    Lea Seydoux Opens Up About Channing Tatum’s Canceled X-Men Gambit Movie

    Léa Seydoux, a French actress, recently gave an interview in which she described her role in the canceled Gambit picture. Channing Tatum was supposed to play the lead mutant role in the movie. The conversation was just made public. In 2014, 21st Century Fox made public its intentions to produce a Gambit movie, and the original release date for the movie was set for October of 2016. Tatum, who was also meant to produce the picture, made contact with a number of potential directors, all of whom declined the opportunity to work with him but the project would later run into a variety of production problems.

    Tatum’s love interest in the film was initially meant to be Seydoux, who has spoken to IndieWire about the script’s original version. She admits the material she read “was really good,” but added that they “wanted to make it more of a comedy.”

    Gambit Was One Of Many X-Men Projects That Were Abandoned

    Channing Tatum as Gambit

    Because of the Disney/Fox merger, numerous unfinished X-Men projects were handed over to Marvel Studios, including Gambit. That ended Tatum’s hopes of portraying the Marvel Comics superhero, but he wasn’t the only actor to miss out.

    While many fans laughed at the idea of a Gambit movie, there’s a good possibility it might have been something truly remarkable. Comic book writer Chris Claremont even assisted Fox with narrative ideas, and we know that Tatum is an excellent leading actor with the appropriate material.

    Gambit’s lack of prominence in Fox’s Marvel Universe may be a benefit for Marvel Studios, which may prioritize the character when he’s free of any previous baggage.

    With the recent appearance of Professor Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, one can argue that the potential exists. Although the X-Men made a brief cameo appearance, it’s still unclear how Marvel Studios plans to incorporate them back into the MCU. However, there is no assurance that Tatum will be cast again as the fan-favorite Creole mutant.

    In any case, we’ll have to wait and see if mutants will be resurrected for the MCU by Kevin Feige and his crew.

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