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    Lex Scott Davis Says ‘Suits: LA’ Will Start Filming In April And Might Feature Original Cast

    The buzz surrounding the upcoming Suitsspin-off has reached a fever pitch as the show creators have already announced the names of the lead actors taking over the reigns. With heavy anticipation around the sequel named ‘Suits:LA’, fans are awaiting even the smallest details they can get their hands on – and the fresh cast of the show is catering to their needs.

    Lex Scott Davis, the actress who recently graced the ESSENCE Black Women days after being announced the leading lady on the show, shared some interesting details about the much-anticipated series.

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    “I’m Pretty Excited”: Lex Scott Davis Is Enthusiastic About The Upcoming Sequel

    Lex Scott Davis (Credit: Instagram)
    Lex Scott Davis (Credit: Instagram)

    Scheduled to start filming next month, ‘Suits LA’ has already garnered substantial attention. Lex Scott Davis seemed evidently excited as she confirmed that the production would kick off with the filming of its pilot script in April.

    With a hopeful gleam in her eye, she remarked, “There is a pilot script, and that’s what we’ll be filming in April. Fingers crossed that the pilot gets a series order.” “But, I’m pretty excited. Pretty sure we’ll get our series order, for sure,” she added.

    The ‘Suits’ spin-off was materialized after the original show gained substantial viewership in 2023 after its release on streaming platforms like Netflix and Peacock.

    The show promises to be a riveting legal drama around the character Ted Black, played by Stephen Amell. On the show, Black is a former federal prosecutor from New York. As he delves into the high-stakes entertainment legal world of Los Angeles, representing the city’s elite clientele, he undergoes a transformation filled with a variety of obstacles.

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    “It’s Something I Prayed For”: Lex Scott Davis Says ‘Suits: LA’ Is A Dream Come True

    Lex Scott Davis (Credit: Instagram)
    Lex Scott Davis (Credit: Instagram)

    Adding to the intrigue, Lex Scott Davis joins the ensemble cast as Erica Rollins, described as a “savvy and strong-willed rising star” within Black’s company. Speaking to Deadline about her character, Davis said she can’t wait for the project to get started.

    So [Suits] has this resurgence that everyone’s excited about. And so, the news about dropping Suits L. A. is just, it’s going crazy,” the actress said at the time. “And I love it. It’s so much fun. I can’t wait to actually get started,” she added.

    She also teased that “maybe” there will be “some sort of rollover from the original cast.” “It’s not impossible. I would love that myself if there was, but we’ll see. You never know,” Scott Davis said.

    For Davis, the opportunity to be part of such a groundbreaking production is a dream realized. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed profound gratitude and pride in her accomplishments. “It’s something I prayed for, it’s something I manifested,” she revealed.

    With an impressive ensemble cast, including Josh McDermitt of ‘The Walking Dead’ fame, ‘Suits LA‘ is highly awaited.

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