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    ‘Suits’ Spinoff Is Taking A Major Risk By Changing This Original Element Of The Show

    After a sudden jump in viewership and massive success on Netflix and Peacock, the legal drama ‘Suits is all set for another spinoff. ‘Suits: LA’, the spinoff is officially in the works four years after wrapping up its original run on the USA Network.

    It was the show’s sudden resurgence on Netflix that compelled the showmakers to take the idea of its spinoff seriously and actually materialize it. However, there are some bold moves that the showmakers are attempting with the spinoff by bringing on a whole new set of characters to the show. While it is already a risk that they are taking by scrapping off the audience’s favorite faces, there’s another major change they are introducing to the show.

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    ‘Suits: LA’ Will Be One Man’s Show Unlike ‘Suits’ With An Iconic Duo In The Lead

    Mike Ross and Harvey Specter on 'Suits' (Image: Getty)
    Mike Ross and Harvey Specter on ‘Suits’ (Image: Getty)

    The eagerly awaited spinoff titled ‘Suits: LA’ will take the legal battleground from the sleek offices of Pearson, Hardman to the sunny landscapes of California. The spotlight of the show will be on an entertainment law firm this time, adding another layer of drama to the show’s narrative. While the cast remains a mystery, the show’s logline has already introduced us to the lead character, Ted.

    This also explains the risky change that the showmakers are introducing in the spinoff. While ‘Suits’ was popular for the chemistry between its two leads Mike and Harvey, the spinoff will only have one lead character. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross had a mentor-mentee relationship that later evolved into a partnership and brotherhood.

    Suits: LA’ is thus taking a risky gamble by featuring only one lead without a comparable partner-in-crime. It would be interesting to see if the spinoff will manage to recreate the magic that captivated audiences in the original series with only one lead instead of the iconic duo.

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    Show’s Female Character Rebecca Sparks Speculation Among Fans About Her Role

    Suits (Image: Getty)
    Suits (Image: Getty)

    The lead character Ted will be the lone wolf representing Pearson, Hardman’s West Coast counterpart. Ted’s backstory will have him transitioning from a former federal prosecutor in New York to a private lawyer representing the powerful elite in Los Angeles. The logline further teases a gripping narrative, hinting at an ongoing crisis that Ted must navigate.

    A female character named Rebecca was also initially revealed to be a part of the show but now seems relegated to a supporting role. The absence of her mention in the official synopsis has also sparked curiosity among fans about her connection to the lead character Ted, especially as the spinoff promises some romantic tinges to the story.

    Some are also meanwhile speculating that Rebecca might be the partner-in-crime to Ted like Harvey and Mike were on ‘Suits’.

    While Aaron Korsh — the mastermind behind the original ‘Suits’ — is behind the spinoff too, the decision to forgo the tested formula of a lead pair could be a double-edged sword. As ‘Suits: LA’ is under the works with a fresh narrative, it remains to be seen whether Ted’s lone wolf act can capture the same audience appeal that turned ‘Suits’ into a streaming phenomenon.

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