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    Are Patrick J. Adams And Gabriel Macht Coming Together For ‘Suits’ Spinoff? Here’s What They Said

    The Golden Globes Awards were a delight for ‘Suits‘ fans as the two leading men of the show took over the stage for some time to present the awards. Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams, who played the roles of iconic Harvey Specter and Mike Ross on the show, thanked the audiences for the sudden resurgence that the show has recently gained on the streaming platforms.

    Suits’ originally aired on the USA Network from 2011 to 2019, but saw a record-breaking surge in viewership after hitting Netflix and Peacock in June 2023. The cast of the show had a mini-reunion at the Golden Globes on Sunday. As the show continues to gain more fans, many are curious if there would be a spin-off – and here’s what Patrick J Adams had to say about it.

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    Patrick J. Adams And Gabriel Macht Are “Grateful” For Recent Success Of ‘Suits’

    ‘Suits’ cast reunited for the Golden Globes (Image: Getty)

    As they arrived for the Golden Globes ceremony, Patrick J Adams and Gabriel Macht had a candid chat for the cameras on the red carpet. Speaking about the show’s increasing popularity, Macht said that Netflix has had a great impact on the show’s success and that the whole cast and production of the show are “very grateful” for it.

    You know, it’s an amazing thing, we had some great success when the show was on and all over the world, there were people downloading it, pirate downloading it. And then at a certain point, Netflix came in and said, ‘Why don’t we put this out there?’ And it’s just got incredible eyes and we’re very grateful for it.”

    The streaming success of the show has even motivated the show creator Aaron Korsh to explore a potential spinoff in the Suits universe. While the details of this venture remain scant, the spinoff is likely to feature new characters and is rumored to be set in Los Angeles.

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    Will There Be More Of Harvey And Mike In The Upcoming Spin-Off?

    ‘Suits’ got a great viewership on Netflix and Peacock recently (Image: Getty)

    As they were speaking about the spin-off, the actors were asked if they would reprise their roles as Mike Ross and Harvey Specter. Adams said he is all in. “If I got the phone call, I’m ready to suit up again. I love the show, I love the character, and I loved working with all these people,” he said.

    Adams and Macht both said that they don’t have any details about the spinoff, but speculated on potential storylines. Adams suggested that his character Mike and Rachel played by Meghan Markle might “come down to L.A (from Seattle). They gotta fix some stuff.”

    During the Golden Globes ceremony, the ‘Suits’ cast had a mini-reunion while presenting an award. As Adams and Macht took the stage, Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty also joined them.

    Hinting at the resurgence of the show years after its release, Macht said on the stage, “There’s nothing more dramatic or anxiety-inducing than waiting all night to hear that your category has finally arrived.” Adams added, “Yes, that’s true. It’s hard to imagine having to wait so long to see your show get that kind of recognition.”

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