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    Why Did Mike Ross Actor Patrick J. Adams Leave ‘Suits’ After Season 7?

    In 2019, the TV show ‘Suits‘ waved goodbye to its viewers with the last season. Fast forward to 2023, Netflix decided to bring the show up to their platform and made it one of those rare shows that rose to fame once again after the finale.

    With ‘Suits‘ still being widely streamed on Netflix, the viewers then and now are equally surprised after Rachel and Mike jumped ship after season 7. Meghan Markle had a royal excuse, but what reason did Patrick J. Adams aka Mike have behind the move?

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    The Real Reason Behind Patrick J. Adams Leaving ‘Suits’

    Patrick J. Adams announced his departure from the show in 2018 after he welcomed his first child into the world. Married in 2016 to Troian Bellisario, Adams realized that the birth of his child was a chance for him to take a step back and spare some time for his personal life.

    His character Mike Ross’ storyline on the show was also wrapping up quite well as Adams pondered over leaving.

    After seven seasons and eight years of being a road warrior, I thought, ‘Why not trade the courtroom for a cozy family nest?’” Adams told the Hollywood Reporter. Show creator Aaron Korsh also spun a tale where Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, offered a one-for-one deal and Mike got to stay at the firm, racking up resources for pro-bono superheroing. By season 7, Mike, the finisher that he is, accomplished his mission and exited the show peacefully.

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    Adams Wanted A Non-Dramatic Exit

    Adams also said in an interview that he did not want a dramatic exit, like a courtroom showdown or some sort of career tragedy. He wanted it to feel as smooth as a lawyer’s closing argument.

    Incidentally, Meghan Markle, who plays Mike’s partner in the show, was also getting an exit because of her marriage with Prince Harry. The show therefore decided to give the on-screen couple a happily-ever-after exit.

    Though Adams was absent in the entire eighth season, he made a cameo in the grand finale of season 9. “We’d love to get the band back together,” Adams said, sharing his excuse to reprise Mike.

    Rumor has it there’s a ‘Suits‘ spin-off that may greet the audience soon. If there’s more of Mike Ross in it still remains a mystery. Meanwhile, ‘Suits‘ seasons 1 to 9 are available to be streamed on Netflix and Peacock.

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