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    Why Was ‘Suits’ Canceled? What Happened At The End?

    The most beloved legal drama, ‘Suits‘ created and written by Aaron Korsh came to an end in 2019. It is still the most-viewed series, even after its end. With its catchy background score, the iconic bromance between Harvey and Mike, and the rush to win the lawsuits, the series glorified the world of corporate law. Sadly, the series came to an end after season nine, giving all the characters the closure they deserved.

    The series follows Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who talks his way into an associate working for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) – the best closure in the city. The duo works together, closing cases and winning, at the same time keeping it under the wraps that Mike has never been to law school. There are other prime characters like Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), a paralegal, Donna Paulson (Sarah Rafferty), Harvey’s legal secretary, and neurotic lawyer Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). The team starts as colleagues but ends up being a family.

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    What Happens In ‘Suits’ Series Finale?

    After a successful run of nine seasons, ‘Suits‘ came to an end. All the characters of the show got the closure they deserved and ended on a smooth run. The finale saw the end of Faye Richard’s dominance over the firm. For a legal TV show, ‘Suits‘ has got a lot of drama, especially in the finale. The team headed by Harvey and Mike along with Donna, Louis, and Samantha locked horns together and successfully got Faye to leave the firm.

    After the chaos, the ending was definitely a treat for the fans. Louis and Sheila, get married in an adorable ceremony officiated by Louis Litt’s therapist, which unfortunately got interrupted due to Shelia’s pregnancy. Seeing Louis becoming a father and getting the end he always wanted, filled out hearts. But wait there is more! Harvey and Donna get married on the same day. And to top it off, their first dance was to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect‘. No other show can top off the ending of ‘Suits‘. It had drama, love, emotion, and twists. A clean-cut end to an epic series.

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    Why Was ‘Suits’ Canceled?

    'Suits' poster
    ‘Suits’ poster

    The fans were disappointed when the show’s creator Aaron Korsh announced that the show would not be renewed for season ten. But also the fans were quite satisfied with the ending offered in the season nine finale. During ‘Suits‘ season seven the contract for all the actors was in review and in the process of renewal. But Meghan Markle announced her engagement to Prince Harry and her retirement from a glorious acting career in 2017 because of her wedding into the Royal Family.

    Following Meghan, Patrick J Adams also decided that he had no interest in coming back. Fortunately, their characters were given a happy satisfactory ending. Mike and Rachel got married and they moved to Seattle to settle there and enjoy their married life ahead.

    It’s surprising that ‘Suits‘ was able to continue for two more seasons after Patrick and Meghan’s exit in season seven. To continue the legacy, in 2019 a spin-off series was announced titled ‘Pearson‘, based on the life of Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres. Unfortunately, the show was canceled after season one in 2019.

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