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    ‘Suits’: Who Did Rachel Zane Cheat On Mike Ross With And Why?

    Mike Ross and Rachel Zane are arguably the best couples on the show Suits. But as life gets hard for Rachel, her character played by Meghan Markle ends up making a bad decision that the show’s fans have harshly labeled as cheating.

    In fact, the episode in which it happens has also been named after the incident. Season 4 Episode 7 titled “We’re Done,” marks a defining point for the relationship that Mike and Rachel share on the show.

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    Why Does Rachel Cheat On Mike?

    Rachel cheats on Mike in season 4 of the show. (Image: GETTY)

    Rachel Zane has been shown to be in a committed relationship with Mike Ross. However, when things get rough for her on all fronts including her professional, personal, and romantic life, she happens to share a fleeting kiss with one of her colleagues.

    Rachel gets involved with one of her clients Logan Sanders, played by Brendan Hines on the show. Their chemistry limits to harmless flirting until in a fleeting moment, the two end up kissing each other.

    The moment was a disappointment to many fans, and the show’s plot grew rather interesting after the kiss. Even as anticipation grew over what Rachel would do next, she took her fans as well as her boyfriend Mike aback by confessing to having kissed Logan.

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    What Happens After Rachel Confesses To Cheating?

    After Rachel comes clean, Mike visits Logan and attacks him. (Image: People)

    It meant something when it happened but now…,” she tells Mike, as she clarifies the lapse in her judgment. She even considers removing Logan as her client in an attempt to salvage the relationship or to make things less complicated for herself.

    Immediately after Rachel comes clean, Mike pays a visit to Logan and attacks him in a fit of rage. Logan in turn tells him that Rachel let the kiss persist for a while and even enjoyed it. When confronted, Rachel does not deny having lingered into it. Mike ends their relationship after that.

    The show’s fans gave mixed reactions. While some concluded it was wrong of her to cheat on Mike, others said it should be looked at as a silly mistake and forgiven. Despite the ups and downs in their relationship throughout the show, Mike and Rachel get married eventually.

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