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10 Marvel Superheroes Who Are Actually Very Selfish Individuals

Being a superhero is not only about the god-like powers or protecting the universe but also about being a team player. Not all heroes come with prefixes like loyal or noble, few of them are plain-right selfish.

That selfish quality can be a bit out of character for those who provide the heroism. Here are 10 Marvel superheroes who are incredibly selfish individuals.

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10. Black Widow

Black Widow

It’s almost unbelievable that Natasha Romanoff, played by Scarlett Johansson, made it to the list of selfish superheroes. But during the early years like in ‘The Winter Soldier’, she goes on a mission with Steve Rogers while having a primary objective that she doesn’t bother to share with Cap, which puts many lives in danger. By the end of the ‘Civil War’, Black Window learns to become a team player.

9. Rocket Raccoon

Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3'

Another character who does not belong to the list, but it’s hard to let his actions and words go unnoticed that labels him as a selfish individual. His arrogant remarks about Star-Lord, saying a smart comment, or having an ulterior agenda and impolite mannerisms have caused trouble, which makes him selfish.

8. Namor


Namor’s arrogance and impulsivity make them a selfish person. He does not even bother to know the identity of the person before getting rid of him. Also, Namor only sides with Captain America against the Nazis in his early history because the Nazis threaten Namor’s home. Seems pretty selfish!

7. Quicksilver


Quicksilver was a part of one of the most selfish acts in Marvel. He convinces his sister Wanda to construct the House of M which terrifies every being to the core. Moreover, Pietro Maximoff wasn’t a big fan of his sister’s relationship with Vision as well.

Quicksilver calls their romance wrong while forbidding Wanda from getting involved with a robot created by Ultron. This shows how selfish Pietro was. On the other hand, Wanda is nothing but happy and supportive of her brother when he marries Crystal. However, when she tells Pietro her own happy news, he throws a tantrum, forbids the romance, and abandons her.

6. Professor X

charles xavier
Charles Xavier

Professor X is known for mind manipulation and getting his way by altering mindsets and if any member of the X-Men disagrees with him, they undergo Charles’s mind manipulation. Also, he selfishly thinks he knows everything better than anyone, and he violates his mind to make what he wants come to pass. 

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5. Reed Richards

Reed Richards
Reed Richards

Reed Richards is nothing like he is portrayed in the movies. The comic counterpart of him is selfish and rude. He treats his wife, Sue as trash, constantly talks down to her, tells her to leave, and criticizes her mothering skills. Richards has a knack for assuming he’s right and treating anyone who disagrees as unimportant or ridiculous and that’s how Fantastic Four came into existence. 

4. Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool

Wade Wilson is the epitome of an arrogant ani-hero with bizarre mannerisms. Portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, he enjoys killing his victims and takes amusement in it. Also, his victims are often the result of his boredom, and never takes his battles seriously. Seems pretty selfish!

3. Punisher


Unlike other heroes, Punisher is a selfish man for a cause but still does not make him any different. Frank Castle loses his family in a pitiless murder, hence turning him into a dark anti-hero who fights crime in an unlawful way.

His tactics are so unacceptable that even Spider-Man and Deadpool do not appreciate it, but that does not bother the Punisher. He starts with personal heartbreaks and shuns society’s opinion on his process is what makes him egocentric.

2. Iron Man

Robert Drowney Jr as Iron Man
Robert Drowney Jr as Iron Man

One of the most disturbing things about Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., in the early days of the MCU was just how sexist he was. He often treated women like objects for him to own, and he sexualized most women around him.

But he eventually learns to respect women and treats Pepper with love. His privileges and genius mind give him off as an arrogant person. Eventually, over the years, Tony Stark learns to care and becomes more mature.

1. Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange

Even before becoming a superhero, Stephen Strange was an arrogant person with a know-it-all attitude. He’s desperate enough to seek the Ancient One to repair him, but he doesn’t believe in what he’s looking to for help, thinking he knows better than everyone else. This combination doesn’t just make him selfish, but also condescending, and irritatingly needy.

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