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    “There’s Never Been A More Beautiful Man Onscreen”: Chris Hemsworth Named His Son After A Brad Pitt Character

    Without a doubt, Brad Pitt is the most attractive man in Hollywood. Given his striking appearance, chiseled jaw, and gorgeous face, it’s understandable why he left Chris Hemsworth in amazement. Both actors are highly regarded in the film industry.

    While promoting his series ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Sagaand ‘Limitless‘, Hemsworth mentioned that he and his wife watched Pitt’s ‘Legends Of The Fall‘ repeatedly while they were expecting twins. They both were mesmerized by his magnificence and had never seen someone that attractive. So, their son got named after Pitt’s character.

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    Chris Hemsworth Was In Awe Of Brad Pitt’s Character

    Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt

    During an interview with Vanity Fair, Chris Hemsworth shared that when the time came to name his twin sons with his wife Elsa Pataky, he watched Brad Pitt’s movie for inspiration. He was impressed by Brad’s look. He said by referring to Brad’s character in the movie, “There’s never been a more beautiful man onscreen”. 

    While Chris and his wife Pataky were watching the movie, they were expecting twins. That is the time when they both decided to name their kids after Brad’s character in the movie, ‘Legends Of The Fall’. Hemsworth recalled the conversation: “Is this not the coolest character in the world? I think one of our kids needs to be named Tristan.” 

    The couple ultimately decided to name their other son, Sasha, after a stuntman friend of theirs. Chris also added that to date he is impressed by Brad’s character in ‘Legends of the Fall‘, as well as Patrick Swayze in ‘Point Break’ and Robert De Niro in ‘Heat‘, which made him and his brothers pursue acting as a career, which later turned into a passion.

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    Hemsworth On His Battle With Alzheimer’s

    Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth

    Chris Hemsworth also shared the most difficult part of his life. He shared how while promoting another season of ‘Limitless’, he discovered through his genetic test that he had more chances of developing Alzheimer’s which is eight to 10 times higher than the other genetic population.

    Hemsworth wanted the news to inspire people but it rather turned into something scary, as people didn’t focus on his reaction to the news. He said, “It really kind of pissed me off because it felt like I had been vulnerable with something personal and shared this.”

    He continued, “No matter how much I said ‘This is not a death sentence,’ the story became that I have dementia and I’m reconsidering life and retiring and so on.” Hemsworth was worried as the news became worse for which he later had to clarify that he wasn’t going on any hiatus or taking a break from acting.

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