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    Watch: Young Sheldon Iain Armitage And Jim Parsons Of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Come Together For A Hilarious Video 

    Fans of the The Big Bang Theory universe were treated to a delight recently. A hilarious reunion of sorts between the two actors who portray the iconic Sheldon Cooper – Iain Armitage and Jim Parsons – stole the hearts of fans.

    The actors are known for bringing Sheldon to life on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ and ‘Young Sheldon.’ However, ever since the parent show’s end and the looming finale of the spin-off, there has been no reunion of any sort. So, the Sheldons joining forces for a quick, laugh-out-loud video was maybe just what the fans needed 

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    Bazinga! Iain Armitage And Jim Parsons Come Together For A Sheldon Treat

    Iain Armitage And Jim Parsons
    Iain Armitage And Jim Parsons

    The video, which has been making the rounds on social media, plays on the concept of trendy phone filters. Armitage sets the scene, explaining, “So, apparently there’s a new filter that shows you what you look like when you’re older. I don’t know how accurate it is going to be, but let me try it out.” He taps the screen, and then almost magically Jim appears.

    The video cuts to Parsons, impeccably capturing Sheldon’s signature look. He is in full Sheldon mode and delivers a perfect deadpan response. “Hmm, I’m not sure about this.” He leans in closer, seemingly examining himself on the phone. “Oh! It changes your voice too, huh? I don’t like it,” he says । The humor lies of course, in the fact that there’s no filter at all. Parsons is simply Sheldon, all grown up. 

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    The Video Serves As A Nostalgic Treat for Fans

    Iain Armitage And Jim Parsons
    Iain Armitage And Jim Parsons

    This brief video sparked joy amongst fans of both shows. Additionally, It’s a clever and funny way to acknowledge the connection between the two series, while also showcasing the brilliance of both actors in their respective portrayals of Sheldon Cooper. 

    Seeing Armitage perfectly mimic Parsons’ mannerisms and expressions is a particular highlight as it showcases the character development we’ve witnessed in ‘Young Sheldon’. The video also serves as a reminder of how far Sheldon has come. Sheldon goes from the socially awkward child genius to the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist with a circle of close friends.

    Moreover, the fans of the iconic shows were very happy with the short video. One fan claimed, “This is everything we wanted!” While another called it the ‘Peak’. In conclusion, the fans were satisfied! But also not really.

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