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    George Cooper’s Character In ‘Young Sheldon’ Does Not Match His Description In The Big Bang Theory.  George’s Character Retcon Explained

    ‘Young Sheldon’ finally gave the fans answers to the quirkiness and eccentric nature of Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. From family dynamics to childhood in Texas, all that is mentioned in the parent show, ‘Young Sheldon’ explored to its very core.

    Debuting in 2017, CBS’ ‘Young Sheldon’ proved to be one of the most successful spin-off series, sadly ending with the seventh season. While the Cooper family was introduced in ‘The Big Bang Theory’,Young Sheldon’ revolved around the family in detail and their relationship with Sheldon. While all the character match their descriptions, there is something about the patriarch of the Cooper family that doesn’t quite fit.

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    George Cooper’s ‘Young Sheldon’ Persona Does Not Match ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Description

    George Cooper
    George Cooper

    Through the course of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, Seldon paints George Cooper as a lazy, alcoholic, ignorant father and husband. Cooper hardly mentions his father except speaking about the infidelity and the effect it had on him. Until ‘Young Sheldon’ fans grew to hate George Cooper because of the way Sheldon described him.

    However, ‘Young Sheldon’ proved it otherwise. Although not perfect, he was often found struggling between his family and career. George was nothing but the most relatable patriarch figure of the series.

    From bearing with Sheldon’s criticism to handling Missy’s outbreaks to training Georgie to be financially independent does not give away the vibe of lazy parenting. Also tolerating Mary’s extremely religious beliefs and Connie Tucker’s snide remark about him puts George up the pedestal.

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    The Reason Behind George Cooper’s Character Retcon

    George Cooper and Sheldon
    George Cooper and Sheldon

    While speaking to TVLine, Steven Molaro revealed the difference in characterization saying, “Sheldon the adult narrator, who is older now and has children of his own, [is] seeing his parents in a different light for the first time. That’s why this narrator is choosing to tell us some of these stories, in part because he’s figuring it out now.”

    “Oh, I had an idea about who my dad was, and now that I look back and I’m the age that he was then…” You start to have a different perspective on things.”

    The above explanation makes perfect sense as both versions of George were described by different phases of Sheldon. Growing up he didn’t quite understand his father and appreciate his sacrifice, however, once starting a family of his own, he was finally in his father’s shoes, which allowed him to re-evaluate his perspective about George.

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