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    ‘Young Sheldon’: How Did Sheldon’s Father Die?

    Young Sheldon’ is a sitcom with a strong fan following. A spin-off prequel to the popular CBS sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, it follows the coming-of-age story of a young Sheldon Cooper in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Iain Armitage plays the titular role which was played by Jim Parsons in the original.

    One of the most popular characters in the series is George Cooper, who is Sheldon, Missy, and Georgie’s father. The character is played by Lance Barber. In one pivotal episode of the show, the character dies. Let’s find out in detail how Sheldon’s father actually dies in the sitcom that concluded after 7 seasons.

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    The Death of Sheldon’s Father In ‘Young Sheldon’

    George Cooper
    George Cooper

    George Cooper Sr., a Vietnam veteran, is the father of Sheldon Cooper as well as Missy, and Georgie in the sitcom ‘Young Sheldon.’ Sheldon lost his father when he was just 14 years old.

    While the reason and manner of George’s death are not mentioned in the series, chances are that it was due to a heart attack. In the season five episode second, George gets a heart attack, which works as a hint for what’s to come.

    Sheldon’s father had put on a lot of weight and was heavily into drinking alcohol. So it’s obvious to assume that all these issues caught up to him which caused his ultimate demise. In ‘The Big Bang Theory‘, Sheldon mentions that his father died when he was 14. No further information is given about the death.

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    George’s Infidelity Had An Impact On Sheldon

    Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper

    In the show, George cheats on his wife Marry with another woman. Constance “Connie” Tucker, Marry’s mother, observes George and finds out about his affair with Brenda.

    In the parent show, Sheldon has a three-knock rule, which stems from his father’s extramarital affair. Sheldon often knocks three times before opening the door while reciting the individual’s name.

    In the prequel, this is explained as Sheldon says that he once entered the room without knocking and witnessed his father engaging in an affair with a lady. This really affected Sheldon’s life in the long run.

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